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Are you tired of making traditional phone calls and paying exorbitant fees? Thanks to modern technology, you can now make phone calls using your Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone.

This feature is not only convenient but also cost-effective. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of making Wi-Fi calls on your iPhone.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling is a feature that allows you to make and receive phone calls using a Wi-Fi network instead of relying on a cellular network. This feature comes in handy when you have a weak cellular signal or are in an area with no mobile coverage, but have access to a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Setting Up Wi-Fi Calling

To start making Wi-Fi calls on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check Carrier Support: Ensure that your carrier supports Wi-Fi calling. Not all carriers offer this feature, so it’s important to check with your service provider.
  2. Enable Wi-Fi Calling: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on “Phone”.

    Look for the “Wi-Fi Calling” option and toggle it on.

  3. Register Your Address: Some carriers may require you to register an address for emergency services. Follow the instructions provided by your carrier to complete this step.
  4. Confirm Activation: Once you have enabled Wi-Fi calling, a pop-up message may appear asking for confirmation. Follow the prompts to activate the feature.

Making a Wi-Fi Call

To make a call using Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

  1. Dialer App: Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  2. Enter Number: Enter the phone number you wish to call using the keypad.
  3. Toggle Wi-Fi Calling: If you have enabled Wi-Fi calling, your iPhone will automatically switch to Wi-Fi calling when a cellular signal is weak or unavailable. You can check if you are making a Wi-Fi call by looking for the Wi-Fi symbol in the status bar during the call.
  4. Call: Tap on the green Call button to initiate the call.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling offers several benefits, including:

  • Coverage: You can make calls in areas with poor cellular coverage as long as you have access to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Cost Savings: Wi-Fi calls are typically free, allowing you to save money on your phone bill.
  • Better Call Quality: Since Wi-Fi networks tend to have better bandwidth and stability, you can experience improved call quality compared to traditional cellular calls.

In Conclusion

Making Wi-Fi calls on your iPhone is a convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected, especially in areas with poor cellular coverage. By enabling this feature and following our step-by-step guide, you can easily make and receive calls using your Wi-Fi network. Enjoy seamless communication without worrying about dropped calls or excessive fees!

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