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Are you in a situation where you need to access the Wi-Fi password on your Android device? Perhaps you want to connect another device to the same network or share the password with a friend.

Whatever the reason, learning how to view Wi-Fi passwords on Android can be quite handy. In this tutorial, we will guide you step by step on how to do just that.

Method 1: Using Your Android Device Settings

To begin, open the Settings app on your Android device. You can usually find it in your app drawer or by swiping down from the top of your screen and tapping on the gear icon.

Next, scroll down and tap on “Wi-Fi”. This will open a list of available Wi-Fi networks.

If you are already connected to a Wi-Fi network, tap on the network name to open its settings. If not, tap on “Saved Networks” or a similar option depending on your device.

On the Wi-Fi settings page, look for an option called “Share”, “QR Code”, or “Show Password”. This option may vary depending on your device’s manufacturer and software version.

Note: If you don’t see any of these options, it means that your device does not support viewing Wi-Fi passwords through its settings. In that case, please proceed to Method 2 below.

If you see one of these options, tap on it and confirm any prompts that appear. Your Android device will then display the Wi-Fi password for that network in plain text. You can now easily share it with anyone who needs it!

Method 2: Using a Third-Party App

If Method 1 didn’t work for you or if you prefer a different approach, you can use a third-party app to view Wi-Fi passwords on your Android device.

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for a Wi-Fi password viewer app. There are several options available, so choose the one that has good reviews and ratings.

Note: Be cautious when downloading and installing third-party apps. Only install apps from trusted sources to ensure your device’s security.

Once you have installed the Wi-Fi password viewer app, open it. The app will scan your device for saved Wi-Fi networks and display their passwords in a user-friendly format.

You can now easily view and share any Wi-Fi password stored on your Android device with just a few taps!


Knowing how to view Wi-Fi passwords on your Android device can be incredibly useful in various situations. Whether it’s for personal convenience or helping others connect to your network, these methods will enable you to access the necessary information quickly and easily.

Method 1: Using your Android device settings, navigate to the Wi-Fi network’s settings page, and look for an option like “Share,” “QR Code,” or “Show Password.”

Method 2: If Method 1 doesn’t work or isn’t available on your device, download a trusted third-party Wi-Fi password viewer app from the Google Play Store.

Note: Remember to use this knowledge responsibly and only access Wi-Fi networks with proper authorization.

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With these methods, you can now confidently view Wi-Fi passwords on your Android device. Remember to use this knowledge responsibly and respect the privacy of others. Happy networking!

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