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With the increasing popularity of messaging apps, Apple’s iMessage has become a go-to choice for many iPhone users. But what if you’re an Android user and want to experience the convenience and features of iMessage?

Is it possible? Well, the answer is yes! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use iMessage on Android.

Step 1: Download and Install AirMessage

To get started, you’ll need to download an app called AirMessage on your Android device. AirMessage acts as a bridge between your Android phone and your Mac computer, enabling you to use iMessage on your Android device.

  • Step 1.1: On your Mac computer, open Safari or any other web browser and visit the AirMessage website.
  • Step 1.2: Download the AirMessage server app for Mac and follow the installation instructions.3: Open the AirMessage app on your Mac and sign in with your Apple ID.4: On your Android phone, open Google Play Store and search for “AirMessage.”
  • Step 1.5: Download and install the AirMessage app on your Android device.

Step 2: Connect Your Android Device to AirMessage

Now that you have both the AirMessage server app installed on your Mac computer and the AirMessage app installed on your Android device, it’s time to connect them.

  • Step 2.1: On your Mac computer, open the AirMessage server app.
  • Step 2.2: Make sure your Android device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac.3: On your Android device, open the AirMessage app and enter your Mac’s IP address.4: Tap the “Connect” button in the AirMessage app on your Android device.5: Once connected, you should see a confirmation message on both your Mac computer and Android device.

Step 3: Start Using iMessage on Your Android Device

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up AirMessage and connected your Android device to your Mac computer. Now, let’s start using iMessage on your Android device.

  • Step 3.1: On your Android device, open the AirMessage app.
  • Step 3.2: Tap the “Messages” tab to access your iMessage conversations.3: You can now send and receive iMessages, view attachments, and enjoy other iMessage features on your Android phone.


Please keep in mind that AirMessage requires a Mac computer running macOS with iMessage set up. Also, since AirMessage is a third-party app, it may not have all the features available in the official iMessage app for iPhone users.

In conclusion, by following these steps and using AirMessage, you can enjoy the convenience of iMessage on your Android device without needing an iPhone. So go ahead, download AirMessage, and start experiencing the world of iMessage on your Android phone!

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