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Are you an avid Instagram user who wants to stay up to date with the latest features and improvements? Updating Instagram on your iPhone is a simple process that ensures you have access to all the new features and bug fixes. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to update Instagram on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the App Store

To update Instagram, you need to visit the App Store. Locate the App Store icon on your home screen and tap on it.

Step 2: Go to Updates

Once you are in the App Store, tap on the “Updates” tab located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Find Instagram

In the Updates section, scroll down until you find “Instagram” among the list of apps. If there are pending updates available for Instagram, it will appear here.

Step 4: Update Instagram

To update Instagram, tap on the “Update” button next to its name. If prompted, enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID/Face ID for authentication.


If you don’t see an “Update” button next to Instagram, it means that either your app is already up to date or there are no pending updates available at the moment. In such cases, you can check again later or enable automatic updates for all apps by going to Settings > [Your Name] > iTunes & App Store and toggling on “App Updates”.

Step 5: Wait for the Update

The update process may take a few seconds or minutes depending on your internet connection speed and device performance. Make sure not to close or interrupt the App Store while it’s updating Instagram.

Step 6: Launch Instagram

Once the update is complete, you can launch Instagram by tapping on its icon from your home screen or app library. You will now have access to the latest version of Instagram with all the new features and improvements.


If you have automatic app updates enabled, your iPhone will download and install updates in the background. In this case, you won’t see an update process when you manually open the App Store.

Congratulations! You have successfully updated Instagram on your iPhone. Now you can enjoy all the new features and enhancements that come with each update.

  • Tips for a Smooth Update:
    • Make sure your iPhone is connected to a stable internet connection.
    • Keep your device charged or plugged in during the update process to avoid interruptions.
    • If you encounter any issues during or after updating Instagram, try restarting your iPhone and launching the app again.

We hope this tutorial has helped you in updating Instagram on your iPhone. Stay tuned for more exciting tutorials!

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