How to Unhide an App on Android

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In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to unhide an app on Android. Sometimes, you may accidentally hide an app or intentionally hide it for privacy reasons. Whatever the case may be, we will show you a few simple steps to bring the hidden app back into view.

Step 1: Open the App Drawer

To begin, tap on the App Drawer icon on your Android device’s home screen. This icon is usually represented by a grid of dots or squares and is located at the bottom center or bottom right of your screen.

Step 2: Access the App Settings

Once you have opened the App Drawer, look for and tap on the Settings icon. The Settings icon is typically represented by a gear or cogwheel and can usually be found towards the top-right corner of the App Drawer.

Step 3: Navigate to App Preferences

In the Settings menu, scroll down until you find an option labeled “Apps” or “Applications”. Tap on this option to proceed.


If your device has a different layout or manufacturer-specific interface, some labels and locations may vary slightly. However, most Android devices should have similar options within their settings menus.

Step 4: Show Hidden Apps

In the Apps menu, you will see a list of all installed apps on your Android device. Look for and tap on the three-dot menu icon (⋮) located at either the top-right corner or bottom-right corner of your screen.

  • A dropdown menu will appear with several options.
  • Select “Show hidden apps” from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Unhide the App

After selecting “Show hidden apps,” you will notice that previously hidden apps will now be visible in the app list. Scroll through the list and locate the app you want to unhide.

  • Once you have found the app, tap on its name or icon to open its App Info page.
  • On the App Info page, look for an option labeled “Hide” or “Disable”. This option indicates that the app is currently hidden.
  • Tapping on this option will unhide the app and make it visible in your App Drawer once again.

Step 6: Exit Settings

Once you have successfully unhidden the desired app, you can exit the Settings menu by either pressing the back button on your device or tapping on any other desired option within the Settings menu.

Congratulations! You have successfully unhidden an app on your Android device. You can now go back to your App Drawer and find it easily without any hassle.

We hope this tutorial was helpful in guiding you through the process of unhiding an app on Android. Remember, if you ever need to hide an app again in the future, simply follow these steps but select “Hide” or “Disable” instead of “Show hidden apps.”

Note: The specific steps mentioned in this tutorial may vary slightly depending on your Android device’s version and manufacturer interface.

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