How to Undo Deleted Notes on iPhone

Alicia Santos

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Are you worried about accidentally deleting important notes on your iPhone? Don’t panic! In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of undoing deleted notes on your iPhone, ensuring that you never lose valuable information again.

Step 1: Accessing the Recently Deleted Folder

The first step is to open the Notes app on your iPhone. Once inside the app, tap on the “Back” button located in the top-left corner until you return to the main “Folders” view.

Here, you will find a folder called “Recently Deleted.” Tap on this folder to access your recently deleted notes.

Pro Tip:

If you have a large number of folders and can’t find the “Recently Deleted” folder easily, use the search bar at the top of the screen. Simply type “Recently Deleted,” and it will appear as a search result.

Step 2: Recovering Deleted Notes

In the “Recently Deleted” folder, you will see a list of all notes that were recently deleted from your iPhone. To recover a specific note, tap on it to open it.

Once opened, you will see an arrow icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on this icon to reveal several options.

  • Recover:
  • This option allows you to restore the selected note back into its original location within the Notes app. Tap on “Recover,” and your note will be instantly restored.

  • Delete:
  • If you realize that a deleted note is not important or no longer needed, tap on “Delete.” This action permanently removes the note from both your device and iCloud.

  • Move To:
  • If you want to move a deleted note to a different folder, tap on “Move To.” You will be presented with a list of available folders. Simply choose the desired folder, and the note will be moved there.

  • Lock:
  • If you want to protect a specific note from accidental deletion in the future, tap on “Lock.” This option allows you to add a password or use Face ID/Touch ID to secure the note.

Step 3: Emptying the Recently Deleted Folder

Once you have recovered all necessary notes, it’s good practice to empty the “Recently Deleted” folder. This ensures that no sensitive information remains accessible to others using your device.

To empty the folder, go back to the main “Folders” view within the Notes app. Locate the “Recently Deleted” folder and swipe it from right to left.

A red “Delete All” button will appear. Tap on this button, and all notes within the folder will be permanently deleted.

Important Note:

Be cautious when emptying the “Recently Deleted” folder as it permanently deletes all notes within it. Once deleted, there is no way to recover them unless you have previously created backups of your iPhone data.


Losing important notes can be frustrating, but with the ability to undo deleted notes on your iPhone, you can quickly recover them without any hassle. Remember to regularly check and empty your “Recently Deleted” folder to ensure optimal storage space and privacy protection.

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