How to Turn on Emergency Alerts on iPhone

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Do you want to make sure you never miss important emergency alerts on your iPhone? With the Emergency Alerts feature, you can receive critical alerts such as extreme weather warnings, AMBER alerts, and government alerts directly on your device. In this tutorial, we will show you how to turn on Emergency Alerts on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

To begin, unlock your iPhone and locate the Settings app. It is represented by a gear icon and can usually be found on your home screen or in the app library. Tap on the Settings app to open it.

Step 2: Access the Notifications Settings

In the Settings app, scroll down until you find “Notifications” and tap on it. This is where you can manage all the notifications settings for various apps and features on your iPhone.

Step 3: Enable Government Alerts

Within the Notifications settings, scroll down until you see “Government Alerts” and tap on it. This option allows you to receive important emergency alerts issued by government authorities.

To enable government alerts, simply toggle the switch next to “Government Alerts” to the ON position. When enabled, your iPhone will play a loud sound and display a message whenever there is an emergency alert in your area.


If you want to customize which types of government alerts you receive, just tap on “Government Alerts” again and select or deselect specific alert categories such as Extreme Threats, Severe Threats, AMBER Alerts, or Emergency Presidential Messages.

Step 4: Enable AMBER Alerts

AMBER alerts are emergency notifications related to child abductions. To enable AMBER alerts on your iPhone:

  1. Scroll further down in the Notifications settings until you find “AMBER Alerts” and tap on it.
  2. Toggle the switch next to “AMBER Alerts” to the ON position.

Step 5: Enable Emergency Alerts

In addition to government and AMBER alerts, you can also enable emergency alerts on your iPhone. These alerts are related to extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and other critical situations.

  1. Continue scrolling down in the Notifications settings until you find “Emergency Alerts” and tap on it.
  2. Toggle the switch next to “Emergency Alerts” to the ON position.


If available in your region, you may see additional options such as “Public Safety Alerts” or “Severe Weather Alerts.” You can enable or disable these options based on your preferences.

Step 6: Configure Alert Settings (Optional)

If you want to further customize how emergency alerts are displayed on your iPhone:

  1. Go back to the main Notifications settings screen by tapping “Notifications” at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Scroll up and select “Show Previews“. Here, you can choose whether you want emergency alerts to show up as banners or in a more discreet manner such as only in notification center or not at all when your device is locked.
  3. You can also adjust other notification settings such as sound, badges, and alert style for each category of emergency alerts under their respective sections within Notifications settings.


You have successfully turned on Emergency Alerts on your iPhone. Now, you will receive important emergency notifications directly on your device, helping you stay informed and prepared during critical situations.

Remember, it’s important to keep your iPhone connected to a cellular network or Wi-Fi to receive emergency alerts. Additionally, make sure your volume is turned up so that you can hear the alert sounds.

Stay safe and stay informed!

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