How to Turn Off Google News Feed on Android

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Welcome to this tutorial on how to turn off the Google News Feed on your Android device. If you find the news feed distracting or if you simply want to customize your Android experience, follow the steps below to disable it.

Step 1: Open Google App Settings

To begin, open the Google app on your Android device. This app is typically pre-installed on most Android devices and comes with a distinctive “G” logo.


If you have disabled or uninstalled the Google app, you won’t be able to turn off the news feed using these instructions.

Step 2: Access Settings

Once inside the Google app, tap on the three horizontal lines in the lower-right corner of your screen. This will open a menu.

Scroll down and select “Settings. “


The location of settings may vary depending on your device’s manufacturer and Android version. However, it is usually found within the main menu of the Google app.

Step 3: Customize Your Feed

In this step, you can personalize your feed by adjusting various settings. Scroll down until you find “Your feed.” Tap on it to access further options.


If you don’t see a “Your feed” option, look for similar terms like “Google Discover” or “News feed.” The specific wording may differ based on your device and its software version.

Step 4: Turn Off News Feed

Within the “Your feed” section, locate the toggle switch labeled “Show cards.” By default, this switch should be enabled (in blue). Tap on it once to disable (turn off) the news feed feature.


If the toggle switch is already turned off, it means your news feed is already disabled. You can skip this step and proceed to Step 5.

Step 5: Confirm the Change

After disabling the “Show cards” toggle switch, exit the settings menu by tapping on the back button or using any navigation gestures specific to your device.

Congratulations! You have successfully turned off the Google News Feed on your Android device. The news feed will no longer appear on your home screen or within the Google app.

Re-enabling the News Feed

If you change your mind and decide to re-enable the news feed at any time, simply follow Steps 1-4 again and toggle on (enable) the “Show cards” switch within the “Your feed” settings.


Keep in mind that enabling or disabling the news feed may affect other Google services that rely on it, such as personalized recommendations and notifications.

  • Remember:
    • To open Google app settings, tap on the three horizontal lines in the lower-right corner of your screen.
    • Scroll down and select “Settings. “
    • Navigate to “Your feed.

    • Toggle off (disable) “Show cards. “
    • If desired, follow Steps 1-4 again to re-enable the news feed.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Now you can enjoy an uninterrupted Android experience without the Google News Feed. Feel free to explore other customization options available in your Android device’s settings for further personalization!

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