How to Turn Off Cookies on iPhone

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Are you concerned about your privacy while browsing the web on your iPhone? One way to protect your privacy is by turning off cookies.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to disable cookies on your iPhone. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Access the Settings App

To begin, locate and tap on the Settings app on your iPhone’s home screen. The Settings app is represented by a gray icon with gears.

Step 2: Find Safari Settings

Once you have opened the Settings app, scroll down until you find the Safari option. It is usually located towards the middle of the screen. Tap on it to access Safari settings.

Step 3: Open Privacy & Security

In Safari settings, scroll down until you see the Privacy & Security section. This section contains various options related to your privacy and security while using Safari. Tap on it to proceed.

Step 4: Disable Cookies

Within the Privacy & Security section, locate the “Block All Cookies” option and enable it by tapping on the toggle switch next to it. Once enabled, Safari will no longer accept cookies from websites.


  • Cookies are small text files that websites store on your device to remember information about you and improve your browsing experience.
  • Disabling cookies may affect certain website functionalities, such as staying logged in or saving preferences.
  • You can also choose other options like “Allow from Current Website Only”, which allows cookies only from the website you are currently visiting.

Step 5: Close Safari Settings

After disabling cookies, close the Safari settings by pressing the Home button or swiping up from the bottom of the screen, depending on your iPhone model.


By following these simple steps, you can turn off cookies on your iPhone and enhance your online privacy. Remember that while disabling cookies can improve privacy, it may impact certain website functionalities.

It’s always a good idea to weigh the benefits against the potential inconveniences before making this decision. Stay safe and enjoy browsing!

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