How to Transfer Photos From Android to Flash Drive

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Are you tired of running out of storage space on your Android device? Do you want to backup your precious photos and free up some space?

Transferring your photos from Android to a flash drive is a simple and efficient solution. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process step by step.

What You Will Need

  • An Android device
  • A USB OTG (On-The-Go) adapter
  • A USB flash drive with sufficient storage capacity

Step 1: Connect the USB Flash Drive to Your Android Device

First, you need to connect the USB flash drive to your Android device using the USB OTG adapter. The USB OTG adapter allows you to connect external devices like flash drives to your Android device.

Step 2: Open the File Manager App on Your Android Device

Next, open the file manager app on your Android device. This app allows you to browse and manage files on your device.

Step 3: Locate and Select the Photos You Want to Transfer

Using the file manager app, navigate to the location where your photos are stored. This could be in the “Pictures” folder or any other folder where you have saved your photos.

Once you have located the photos, select them by tapping and holding on one of them, then tap on the others that you want to transfer. You can also select all photos in a folder by tapping on the options menu (usually represented by three dots) and selecting “Select all”.

Step 4: Copy or Move the Selected Photos to the Flash Drive

With the photos selected, tap on the options menu again and choose either “Copy” or “Move” depending on your preference. If you choose “Copy”, the selected photos will be duplicated on the flash drive, leaving the original copies on your Android device. If you choose “Move”, the selected photos will be transferred to the flash drive, removing them from your Android device.

Step 5: Paste the Photos to the Flash Drive

Navigate to the location where you want to paste the photos on the flash drive. This could be in the root of the flash drive or within a specific folder.

Tap on the options menu again and select “Paste”. The selected photos will now be transferred to the flash drive.

Step 6: Safely Remove the Flash Drive

Once the transfer is complete, it is important to safely remove the flash drive from your Android device. This helps prevent data corruption and ensures that all files are safely transferred.

To do this, tap on the notification that says “USB storage connected” or similar, then tap on “Eject” or “Safely remove”. Wait for a notification that says it is safe to remove the flash drive before physically disconnecting it from your Android device.


Transferring photos from your Android device to a flash drive is a convenient way to backup and free up space. With just a few simple steps, you can easily transfer your precious memories and keep them safe.

Remember to always safely remove your flash drive after transferring files to ensure data integrity. Now go ahead and give it a try!

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