How to Transfer Data to New iPhone From Android

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If you’re switching from an Android device to a new iPhone, one of the most important tasks is transferring your data. Whether it’s contacts, photos, or app data, you’ll want to ensure a smooth transition. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to transfer your data to your new iPhone from an Android device.

Method 1: Using the “Move to iOS” App

If you’re setting up your new iPhone for the first time, Apple provides an app called “Move to iOS” that simplifies the process of transferring data from an Android device. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Turn on your new iPhone and follow the setup instructions until you reach the “Apps & Data” screen.
  • Step 2: On your Android device, download and install the “Move to iOS” app from the Google Play Store.
  • Step 3: Open the “Move to iOS” app on your Android device and tap “Continue”. Read and accept the terms of use.
  • Step 4: On your iPhone, tap “Continue” on the “Apps & Data” screen and select “Move Data from Android”.

    You’ll see a ten-digit code.

  • Step 5: Enter the code displayed on your iPhone into your Android device.
  • Step 6: Choose the content you want to transfer such as contacts, messages, photos, and more. Tap “Next” and wait for the transfer process to complete.

Note: Make sure both devices are connected to Wi-Fi during this process. Also, keep in mind that the “Move to iOS” app only transfers data and doesn’t install your Android apps on the iPhone. You’ll need to download them again from the App Store.

Method 2: Transferring Contacts with Google Account

If you have your contacts synced with a Google account on your Android device, you can easily transfer them to your new iPhone. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: On your Android device, go to “Settings” and tap “Accounts & Sync”. Select your Google account and make sure the “Contacts” option is enabled.
  • Step 2: On your new iPhone, go to “Settings” and tap “Mail”. Select “Accounts” and then tap “Add Account”.

    Choose “Google” as the account type.

  • Step 3: Enter your Google account credentials and toggle the “Contacts” option to enable syncing. Tap “Save”.
  • Step 4: Wait for a few moments until your iPhone syncs with your Google account. Your contacts will now appear in the iPhone’s Contacts app.

Note: This method only transfers contacts, so you’ll need to use other methods for transferring other types of data such as photos or messages.

Method 3: Transferring Photos with Google Photos

If you have photos stored on your Android device and want to transfer them to your new iPhone, Google Photos can be a convenient solution. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Install the Google Photos app on both devices from their respective app stores.
  • Step 2: On your Android device, open the Google Photos app and sign in with your Google account. Enable backup and sync to upload your photos to the cloud.
  • Step 3: On your new iPhone, open the Google Photos app and sign in with the same Google account. Make sure backup and sync are enabled to download your photos from the cloud.

Note: This method transfers photos only. For other types of data, you’ll need to explore different methods.


Transferring data from an Android device to a new iPhone may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and methods, it can be a seamless process. Whether you choose to use Apple’s “Move to iOS” app or leverage Google services for transferring specific data types, these methods will help you make a smooth transition to your new iPhone.

Remember, keeping both devices connected to Wi-Fi during the transfer process is crucial. Take your time and ensure all necessary data is transferred before setting up your new iPhone completely.

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