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Alicia Santos

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Have you ever sent a text message to someone on your iPhone and never received a reply? It’s frustrating, right?

While there could be various reasons for not getting a response, one possibility is that your texts are being blocked. In this article, we will explore how to tell if your texts are blocked on an iPhone.

1. No Delivery Status

When you send a text message to someone and it’s delivered successfully, you usually see a delivery status under the message.

However, if your texts are being blocked, you won’t receive any delivery status at all. This is one of the first signs that your texts might be blocked.

2. No Read Receipts

iMessage allows users to see when their messages have been read by the recipient through read receipts.

If your messages are not getting delivered or read, it could indicate that the person has blocked you. Keep in mind that the recipient can disable read receipts in their settings, so this method might not always be reliable.

3. Unable to Call

If your texts are being blocked, there’s a high chance that calls to the person might also be blocked.

When trying to call someone who has blocked you, you will typically hear a busy tone or get redirected to voicemail immediately. This behavior can further confirm that your texts are indeed being blocked.

4. No Profile Picture or Last Seen

In iMessage, when you send messages to someone who has not blocked you, their profile picture and last seen status are usually visible in the chat thread. However, if these details suddenly disappear or remain blank for an extended period of time, it suggests that your messages might be blocked.


While these signs can indicate that your texts are being blocked, they are not foolproof. There could be other reasons why you’re not receiving replies or delivery status. The best way to confirm if you’re blocked is to directly communicate with the person through another platform or ask a mutual friend to check if they can contact the individual.


If you suspect that your texts are being blocked on your iPhone, look out for signs like no delivery status, no read receipts, inability to make calls, and missing profile picture or last seen. Remember to consider other possibilities before jumping to conclusions. Communication can be complex, but understanding these signs can help you navigate through it.

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