How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 12

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Are you a proud owner of the latest iPhone 12 and wondering how to capture a screenshot? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the simple steps to take a screenshot on your iPhone 12. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Using Physical Buttons

If you prefer using physical buttons to take a screenshot, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Locate the buttons: On your iPhone 12, find the Volume Up button (located on the left side) and the Side button (located on the right side).
  • Step 2: Prepare your screen: Make sure that the content or screen you want to capture is displayed and ready.
  • Step 3: Simultaneously press buttons: Press and hold down both the Volume Up button and Side button at the same time.
  • Step 4: Capture your screenshot: You will see a quick flash on your screen, indicating that your screenshot has been successfully captured.

Congratulations! You’ve just taken a screenshot using physical buttons on your iPhone 12.

Method 2: Using AssistiveTouch

If you find it challenging to use physical buttons or prefer an alternative method, AssistiveTouch is here for you. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Enable AssistiveTouch: Go to Settings, then tap on Accessibility. From there, select Touch, followed by AssistiveTouch. Finally, toggle the switch to turn AssistiveTouch on.
  • Step 2: Customize Top Level Menu: While still in the AssistiveTouch settings, tap on Customize Top Level Menu.

    You can add or remove icons according to your preference. To take a screenshot, make sure the “Screenshot” icon is included in the menu.

  • Step 3: Capture your screenshot: Once you’ve customized your menu, a small floating button will appear on your screen. Tap on it and then select the “Screenshot” option.

Voila! Your screenshot will be captured instantly using AssistiveTouch on your iPhone 12.

Accessing Screenshots

Now that you know how to take screenshots, let’s find out where they are stored:

  • iPhone Photos App: Open the Photos app on your iPhone and navigate to the Screenshots album. All your captured screenshots will be stored there for easy access.
  • iCloud Photo Library: If you have enabled iCloud Photo Library, screenshots taken on your iPhone 12 will also be synced across all your iCloud-connected devices.

You can now effortlessly locate and share your screenshots with friends, family, or colleagues!

In Conclusion

Taking screenshots has never been easier with the iPhone 12. Whether you prefer using physical buttons or enjoy the convenience of AssistiveTouch, capturing moments from your screen is just a few taps away.

Remember to organize and access your screenshots easily using the Photos app or iCloud Photo Library. Happy screenshotting!

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