How to Speed Up Video on iPhone

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How to Speed Up Video on iPhone

If you’ve ever recorded a video on your iPhone and wished it played back at a faster pace, you’re in luck! The iPhone’s built-in video editing capabilities allow you to easily speed up your videos, giving them a fun and dynamic effect.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to speed up video on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Photos App

To get started, open the Photos app on your iPhone. This is where all of your captured videos are stored.

Step 2: Select the Video

Next, navigate to the “Albums” tab at the bottom of the screen and select “Videos”. Find and tap on the video that you want to speed up.

Step 3: Tap “Edit”

Once you have selected your desired video, tap on the “Edit” button located at the top-right corner of the screen. This will open up the video editing options.

Step 4: Adjust Speed

Now that you’re in edit mode, look for a series of icons along the bottom of the screen. Tap on the one that looks like a speedometer icon.

  • TIP: The speedometer icon is used for adjusting playback speed.

After tapping on the speedometer icon, you’ll see a slider appear just above it. You can now drag this slider left or right to adjust the playback speed of your video.

  • TIP: Dragging to the right will increase the playback speed, while dragging to left will decrease it.

As you drag the slider, you’ll notice that the video preview updates in real-time, allowing you to see the effect of your speed adjustment.

Step 5: Apply the Changes

Once you are satisfied with the speed adjustment, tap on the “Done” button located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Additional Tips:

  • Trimming: If you need to trim your video before applying a speed adjustment, tap on the “Crop” icon instead of the speedometer icon. From there, you can adjust the start and end points of your video.
  • Multiple Speed Adjustments: You can apply multiple speed adjustments to a single video. Simply repeat steps 4 and 5 for each desired speed change.
  • Save as New Video: Once you have applied a speed adjustment, your edited video will be saved as a new version. The original video remains unchanged.

And that’s it! You now know how to easily speed up videos on your iPhone using the built-in editing features.

Have fun experimenting with different playback speeds and creating unique videos to share with your friends and family!

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