How to Sign a PDF on Mac

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Are you looking for a way to sign PDFs on your Mac? Look no further!

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of signing a PDF document using the built-in Preview app on your Mac. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Open the PDF in Preview

To begin, locate the PDF file you want to sign and double-click on it. This will automatically open the file in the Preview app.

Step 2: Access the Markup Toolbar

Once the PDF is open in Preview, click on the “Markup Toolbar” icon located at the top of your screen. It looks like a toolbox and contains various annotation tools.

Step 3: Add Your Signature

In the Markup Toolbar, click on the “Sign” icon (represented by a fountain pen) and select “Create Signature”. A popup window will appear.

Note: If you have already created a signature previously, you can simply choose it from the list instead of creating a new one.

Create a Signature Using Your Trackpad

If you don’t have a pre-existing signature, you can create one using your Mac’s trackpad. Click on “Trackpad” in the popup window.

  1. Click and hold: Click and hold down your trackpad to start drawing your signature. You can use your finger or stylus for better precision.
  2. Lift your finger/stylus: Once you’re done drawing your signature, lift your finger or stylus from the trackpad.
  3. Save Your Signature: Click “Done” to save your newly created signature.

Create a Signature Using Your Mac’s Camera

If you prefer, you can also create a signature by using your Mac’s camera. Click on “Camera” in the popup window.

  1. Hold up your signature: Sign a plain white piece of paper and hold it up to your Mac’s built-in camera. Ensure that the signature fits within the indicated area.
  2. Save Your Signature: Once your signature is captured, click “Done” to save it.

Step 4: Insert Your Signature into the PDF

After creating or selecting your signature, it’s time to insert it into the PDF document. In the Markup Toolbar, click on the “Sign” icon again and choose your signature from the list.

Step 5: Position and Resize Your Signature

Your signature will appear as an overlay on top of the PDF. Click and drag it to position it wherever you want within the document. You can also resize it by clicking and dragging one of its corners.

Step 6: Save Your Signed PDF

Once you are satisfied with the position and size of your signature, go ahead and save your signed PDF. Click on “File” in the menu bar, select “Export”, choose a destination folder, enter a filename, select PDF as the format, and click “Save”.

Congratulations! You have successfully signed a PDF document using Preview on your Mac. Now you can confidently send or share your signed PDFs with others!

Note: Remember to keep backups of both the original unsigned PDFs and their signed versions for future reference if needed.

Thank you for reading this tutorial. We hope you found it helpful and easy to follow. Happy signing!

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