How to Send Large Videos From iPhone to Android

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Are you an iPhone user who wants to send a large video to someone with an Android device? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to successfully send large videos from your iPhone to an Android device.

Method 1: Using Cloud Storage Services

If the video you want to send is too large to be sent via traditional methods like email or messaging apps, using cloud storage services is a great solution. Follow these steps:

  1. Select a Cloud Storage Service: There are several cloud storage services available, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Choose the one that suits your needs and install it on your iPhone.
  2. Upload the Video: Open the cloud storage app, sign in or create an account if needed, and upload the video file from your iPhone. Make sure you have a stable internet connection as this process may take some time depending on the file size and your connection speed.
  3. Share the Video: Once the video is uploaded, tap on it and look for the sharing options.

    Tap on ‘Share’ or any similar option available. From there, select ‘Copy Link’ or ‘Share Link’ depending on the cloud storage service you are using.

  4. Paste and Send: Open your preferred messaging app on your iPhone and start a conversation with the person you want to send the video to. Paste the link you copied from the cloud storage service into the chatbox and hit send!

Method 2: Using Third-Party File Transfer Apps

If you prefer not to use cloud storage services, there are third-party file transfer apps that can help you send large videos from your iPhone to an Android device. Here’s how:

  1. Select a File Transfer App: There are several file transfer apps available on the App Store, such as Send Anywhere, Xender, and Shareit. Choose the one you prefer and install it on your iPhone.
  2. Open the App: Launch the file transfer app on your iPhone.
  3. Select the Video: Tap on the option to send or share a file within the app. Browse through your iPhone’s storage and select the video you want to send.
  4. Generate a Sharing Code or QR Code: The app will generate a sharing code or QR code for the selected video. Keep in mind that both devices need to have the same app installed for this method to work.
  5. Receive on Android Device: On the Android device, open the same file transfer app and select ‘Receive’ or any similar option available. Enter the sharing code or scan the QR code generated by your iPhone.
  6. Start Transfer: Once connected, start the transfer process from your iPhone. The video will be sent from your iPhone to the Android device via a direct connection established by the file transfer app.

Tips for Successful Video Transfers

To ensure successful video transfers between your iPhone and an Android device, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check File Size Limits: Make sure you are aware of any file size limitations imposed by cloud storage services or file transfer apps you are using.
  • Use Wi-Fi: When transferring large videos, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi connection instead of cellular data to avoid data charges and ensure a faster transfer speed.
  • Compress Videos: If the video is still too large to transfer, consider compressing it using a video compression app or software before sending.
  • Inform the Recipient: Let the recipient know that you will be sending a large video and advise them to have enough storage space on their Android device.

With these methods and tips, you can now easily send those memorable videos from your iPhone to an Android device hassle-free! Enjoy sharing your videos with friends and family!

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