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Scanning photos on your iPhone is a quick and convenient way to digitize your precious memories. Whether you want to share them with friends and family or simply preserve them for future generations, the iPhone’s built-in scanning capabilities make it easier than ever. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process step by step, so let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather Your Photos

Before you begin scanning, gather all the photos you want to digitize. Make sure they are clean and free from any dust or debris that could affect the quality of the scan.

Step 2: Open the Notes App

On your iPhone, locate and open the Notes app. This app comes pre-installed on all iPhones and provides a simple yet effective way to scan photos.

Step 3: Create a New Note

In the Notes app, tap on the “+” button in the bottom center of the screen to create a new note.

Step 4: Access the Scanning Feature

Within your new note, tap on the camera icon above the keyboard. A menu will appear with various options – select “Scan Documents” from this menu.

Step 5: Position Your Photo

Hold your iPhone directly above the photo you wish to scan. Make sure there is good lighting and that your hand is steady.

Tips for Better Scans:

  • Use Natural Lighting: Scan your photos in a well-lit area without harsh artificial lighting or direct sunlight.
  • Avoid Shadows: Ensure there are no shadows cast over the photo as it may result in a poor quality scan.
  • Hold Steady: Keep your hand steady while scanning to prevent blurriness.

Step 6: Capture the Photo

Tap the shutter button on the screen or press either of the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone to capture the photo. You will see a yellow box appear around the edges of the photo, indicating that it has been successfully captured.

Step 7: Adjust and Crop (if necessary)

If needed, you can use the handles around the edges of the photo to adjust and crop it. This is particularly useful if there is any unwanted background or if you want to focus on a specific part of the image.

Step 8: Repeat for Additional Photos

If you have more photos to scan, simply repeat steps 5-7 for each one. The Notes app will automatically save each scan as a separate document within your note.


You can also add additional text or comments below each scanned photo by tapping on the screen and typing using the keyboard that appears.

Step 9: Save and Share

Once you have scanned all your photos, tap “Done” in the top right corner of the screen. You will be taken back to your note, where you can review and make any final adjustments if necessary.

To save your scans, tap on “Save” in the top right corner. You can then choose to store them in iCloud Drive, locally on your device, or share them via email or other messaging apps.


You have successfully scanned your photos using your iPhone! Now you can enjoy sharing and preserving your precious memories with ease.

Remember, the Notes app is just one of many scanning options available on the iPhone. If you require more advanced features or editing capabilities, you may consider exploring other dedicated scanning apps available on the App Store.

Thank you for following along with this tutorial. We hope it has been helpful and that you can now confidently scan your photos using your iPhone. Enjoy digitizing your memories!

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