How to Save Facebook Video to iPhone

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Do you often come across interesting videos on Facebook that you wish to save and watch later on your iPhone? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of saving Facebook videos to your iPhone effortlessly.

Method 1: Using a Third-Party App

If you prefer a quick and convenient solution, there are several third-party apps available on the App Store that can help you save Facebook videos directly to your iPhone. One such app is ‘Video Downloader for Facebook’.

Step 1: Install the App

Head over to the App Store and search for ‘Video Downloader for Facebook’. Tap on ‘Install’ and wait for the app to download and install on your iPhone.

Step 2: Launch the App

Once the app is installed, locate its icon on your home screen and tap on it to launch it.

Step 3: Log in to Facebook

In order to access your Facebook account, you need to log in within the app. Enter your login credentials (email/phone number and password) and tap ‘Log In’.

Step 4: Find the Video

Now that you’re logged in, browse through your News Feed or visit any specific page/profile where the video is located. Locate the desired video that you want to save.

Step 5: Download the Video

To start downloading the video, tap on it once. A menu will appear with different options.

Tap ‘Download’ from this menu. The app will start fetching and saving the video onto your device.

Method 2: Using a Website

If you prefer not to install any additional apps on your iPhone, you can use a website to save Facebook videos. Here’s how:

Step 1: Copy the Video URL

First, open the Facebook app and locate the video you wish to save. Tap on the three dots (..) in the top-right corner of the post and select ‘Copy Link’ from the menu that appears.

Step 2: Visit a Video Downloader Website

Open Safari or any other web browser on your iPhone and search for ‘Facebook video downloader’. Choose one of the popular websites from the search results (e.g., ‘’ or ‘’).

Step 3: Paste the Video URL

Once you’re on the video downloader website, find a text box labeled ‘Enter URL’ or similar. Tap inside it and paste the copied video URL by pressing and holding, then selecting ‘Paste’ from the context menu.

Step 4: Download the Video

After pasting the URL, look for a button that says ‘Download’, ‘Start’, or similar. Tap on it to initiate the video download process. The website will fetch and generate a downloadable link for you.

Tips for Successfully Saving Facebook Videos

  • Quality: Some third-party apps and websites may offer options to choose video quality before downloading. Select higher quality if available for better viewing experience.
  • Data Usage: Downloading videos consumes data, so make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or have enough mobile data allowance.
  • Copyright: Only download videos that are free from copyright restrictions or if you have the necessary permissions to do so.

Now that you know how to save Facebook videos to your iPhone using both third-party apps and websites, you can enjoy your favorite videos offline anytime, anywhere!

Remember to respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of others when downloading and sharing videos. Happy downloading!

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