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Recording audio on your iPhone is a handy feature that can be used for various purposes, such as capturing memorable moments, creating voice memos, or even recording podcast episodes. In this tutorial, we will explore the step-by-step process of how to record audio on your iPhone.

Step 1: Accessing the Voice Memos App

The Voice Memos app comes pre-installed on your iPhone and is the default tool for recording audio. To access it, simply locate and tap on the Voice Memos icon on your home screen.

Step 2: Starting a New Recording

Once you open the Voice Memos app, you will be greeted with a simple interface. To start a new recording, tap on the red circular button at the bottom center of the screen. This will initiate the recording process.


If it’s your first time using the Voice Memos app, you may need to grant permission to access your microphone. Simply follow the prompts that appear on your screen to enable microphone access.

Step 3: Recording Process

While recording, you will see a timer at the top of the screen indicating the duration of your recording. You can also monitor audio levels through the waveform visualization.

To pause or resume recording, simply tap on the circular button. If you wish to stop and save your recording, tap on the red square button.

Step 4: Managing Your Recordings

The Voice Memos app provides several options for managing your recordings:

  • Naming Recordings: To give your recording a specific name, simply tap on the recording you want to rename and select the “Edit” option.
  • Sharing Recordings: If you want to share your recording with others, tap on the recording, select the “Share” option, and choose your preferred method of sharing (e.g., Messages, Mail, etc.).
  • Deleting Recordings: To remove a recording from your iPhone, swipe left on the recording, and tap on the “Delete” button that appears.


You have successfully learned how to record audio on your iPhone using the Voice Memos app. Whether it’s for personal use or professional purposes, this feature can come in handy in many situations. Start exploring the possibilities and make the most out of your iPhone’s audio recording capabilities!

Note: The availability and features of the Voice Memos app may vary depending on your iPhone model and iOS version.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Happy recording!

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