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In this tutorial, we will learn how to recall an email in Outlook for Mac. Sometimes, we may send an email by mistake or with incorrect information. Fortunately, Outlook provides a feature that allows us to recall the sent email and replace it with a corrected version.

Recalling an Email in Outlook Mac

Follow the steps below to recall an email in Outlook for Mac:

  1. Open Outlook: Launch the Outlook application on your Mac.
  2. Navigate to the “Sent Items” folder: Click on the “Sent Items” folder located in the left sidebar of the Outlook window. This folder contains all the emails that you have sent.
  3. Select the email to be recalled: Locate and select the email that you want to recall from the list of sent emails.
  4. Click on “Message” in the menu bar: Once you have selected the email, click on “Message” located at the top menu bar of your screen.
  5. Select “Actions” from the dropdown menu: In the “Message” dropdown menu, hover over “Actions” and select it.
  6. Choose “Recall This Message”: From the “Actions” submenu, click on “Recall This Message”.

If you are prompted with options, choose whether you want to delete unread copies of your email or delete unread copies and replace them with a new message. The success of recalling an email depends on various factors such as recipient’s settings and whether they have read your original message.


  • The recipient must be using Microsoft Exchange: The recall feature only works if the recipient is using Microsoft Exchange as their email server.
  • The recipient must not have read the email: If the recipient has already read the email, they will still be able to see the original message even after you recall it.
  • The recipient must be logged in to their email account: The success of recalling an email depends on whether the recipient is logged in to their email account at the time of recall.

If all conditions are met and the recall is successful, you will receive a notification confirming that the email has been recalled. However, if any of the conditions are not met, the recall will fail and you will be notified accordingly.

Remember that recalling an email in Outlook for Mac is not guaranteed to work in all situations. It is always a good practice to double-check your emails before sending them to avoid any mistakes or miscommunications.

That’s it! You now know how to recall an email in Outlook for Mac. Use this feature wisely and make sure to follow up with any necessary actions after recalling an email.

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