How to Print a Picture on a Mac

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Printing pictures on a Mac is a simple and straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps. Whether you want to print your favorite vacation photo or create a physical copy of a digital artwork, the Mac provides you with the tools to do it. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of printing pictures on a Mac using the built-in Photos app.

Step 1: Open the Photos App
To get started, open the Photos app on your Mac. You can find it in your Applications folder or by using Spotlight search.

Step 2: Select the Picture
Once you have opened the Photos app, navigate to the picture that you want to print. You can do this by using the sidebar or by searching for specific keywords.

Note: If your picture is not already in the Photos app, you can import it from your camera or external storage device by connecting it to your Mac and following the prompts.

Step 3: Edit (Optional)
Before printing, you may want to make some edits to enhance your picture. The Photos app offers basic editing tools such as adjusting brightness, contrast, and color. To access these editing options, click on the “Edit” button located at the top right corner of the window.


  • Brightness: Increase or decrease brightness levels.
  • Contrast: Adjust overall contrast.
  • Saturation: Enhance or reduce color intensity.

Cropping and Rotating

  • Crop: Remove unwanted parts of the image.
  • Straighten: Adjust the picture’s angle.


  • Vivid: Enhance colors and contrast.
  • Dramatic: Add a moody effect to your picture.
  • Black & White: Convert your picture to grayscale.

Step 4: Print Settings
Once you are satisfied with the edits, it’s time to set up the printing options. Click on the “File” menu and select “Print” or use the shortcut Command + P.

In the Print dialog box, you can customize various settings such as paper size, orientation, and print quality. Make sure to select the correct printer from the dropdown menu.

Paper Size and Orientation

If you want to print your picture on a specific paper size (e.g., 4×6 or A4), choose it from the “Paper Size” options. Additionally, you can select whether you want your picture to be printed in portrait or landscape orientation.

Print Quality

Depending on your printer capabilities, you may have different quality options available. If you want a high-quality printout, make sure to select the appropriate option.

Step 5: Print Preview
Before hitting the print button, take a moment to preview how your picture will look on paper. The Print dialog box provides a visual representation of your printout. You can use this preview to check if any adjustments need to be made before printing.

Step 6: Print
Once you are satisfied with the print settings and preview, click on the “Print” button to start printing your picture. Sit back and wait for your Mac to do its magic!

Note: If you encounter any issues while printing, make sure your printer is properly connected to your Mac and has enough paper and ink.


Printing pictures on a Mac is a breeze with the Photos app. By following these simple steps, you can easily print your favorite memories and turn them into physical keepsakes.

Don’t forget to experiment with different paper sizes, orientations, and print qualities to achieve the desired results. Happy printing!

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