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Do you find yourself frequently using a certain app on your Android device? If so, pinning that app to your home screen can save you time and effort in accessing it. In this tutorial, we will show you how to easily pin an app on Android.

Step 1: Find the App

The first step is to locate the app that you want to pin. You can do this by navigating to your app drawer, which is usually represented by an icon with a grid of squares. Tap on the app drawer icon to open it.


If you have organized your apps into folders, you will need to open the folder that contains the app you want to pin.

Step 2: Long Press on the App

Once you have found the app you want to pin, long press on its icon. A menu will appear with various options related to the app.


If your Android device has a dedicated menu button (usually represented by three dots), you can also tap on it instead of long pressing on the app icon.

Step 3: Drag and Drop

In order to pin the app, drag and drop its icon onto your home screen. You can do this by continuing to press down on the icon while moving your finger towards an empty space on one of your home screens.


If all of your home screens are full, you may need to remove or rearrange some icons in order to make space for the pinned app. This can be done by long pressing on an icon and dragging it off screen or moving it around.

Step 4: Positioning

Once you have dragged the app icon to your desired home screen, release your finger to drop it. You can then position the app icon wherever you like on the home screen by dragging it to the desired location.

Step 5: Test

Finally, tap on the pinned app icon to ensure that it launches successfully. If everything is working as expected, congratulations! You have successfully pinned an app on your Android device.

Pinning apps to your home screen is a convenient way to access your favorite or frequently used apps with just a single tap. It saves you time from having to search through your app drawer or folders. So go ahead and start pinning those apps for easy access!

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