How to Open Minecraft Folder on Mac

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Opening the Minecraft folder on your Mac is essential for various purposes, including installing mods, accessing game files, and troubleshooting issues. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of finding and opening the Minecraft folder on your Mac.

Step 1: Launch Finder
To begin, click on the Finder icon located in your Dock or simply press Command + Spacebar to open Spotlight Search and type “Finder.”

Step 2: Navigate to the Library Folder
In the Finder window that opens, click on the “Go” menu at the top of your screen. Press and hold the Option key on your keyboard, and you will see a new option called “Library” appear in the drop-down list. Click on it.

Note: The Library folder is hidden by default in macOS. Holding down the Option key allows you to access it.

Step 3: Open Application Support
Within the Library folder, locate and open the “Application Support” folder. This is where Minecraft stores its game files and other related data.

Step 4: Find Minecraft Folder
Inside the Application Support folder, scroll down until you find a folder named “minecraft.” Double-click on it to open it.

Step 5: Access Game Files
Congratulations! You have successfully opened the Minecraft folder on your Mac. Here you will find various subfolders and files related to Minecraft:


This subfolder contains all your saved worlds in Minecraft. Each world is stored as a separate folder within this directory.


If you have installed any resource packs for Minecraft, they will be located here. Resource packs change how Minecraft looks by modifying textures, sounds, and other graphical elements.


Whenever you take a screenshot in Minecraft (by pressing F2), it is saved in this folder. Screenshots are stored in .png format and can be accessed later.


This file contains various game settings, including graphics, audio, controls, and more. You can modify these settings using a text editor.

Note: It’s essential to exercise caution when modifying game files. Make sure to create backups before making any changes to avoid potential issues.

Extra Tip:

If you frequently need to access the Minecraft folder, you can create a shortcut for quick access. To do this, right-click on the “minecraft” folder and select “Make Alias.” You can then move this alias to your preferred location for easy access.

  • To summarize:
  • Launch Finder
  • Navigate to the Library folder by clicking on “Go” in the menu bar while holding Option
  • Open the Application Support folder
  • Find and open the “minecraft” folder
  • Explore subfolders like Saves, Resourcepacks, Screenshots, and Options.txt
  • Create an alias for quick access if desired

With these steps, you can easily find and open the Minecraft folder on your Mac. Remember to be cautious when making any changes to game files or folders. Now you have full access to Minecraft’s core files and can explore various customization options or troubleshoot any issues that may arise!

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