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Multitasking is an essential skill for Mac users who want to maximize their productivity. With the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, you can get more done in less time. In this tutorial, we will explore various techniques and shortcuts to help you multitask like a pro on your Mac.

Split View

One of the most useful features on macOS is Split View, which allows you to work with two apps side by side in full screen. To activate Split View, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the first app you want to use in Split View. Step 2: Click and hold the green full-screen button at the top left corner of the window.

Step 3: Drag the window to the left or right side of the screen until you see a blue outline. Step 4: Release the mouse button to snap the app into place.

Now, you have one app on one side of your screen. To select another app for the other side, either click on it from your Dock or use Mission Control (shortcut: Control + Up Arrow) and drag it to the opposite side. You can adjust the size of each app by clicking and dragging the divider between them.

Mission Control

Mission Control is a powerful tool that allows you to view all open windows, apps, and spaces in one place. It’s especially handy when you have many windows open or want to switch between different tasks quickly.

To access Mission Control:

Method 1:

  • Swipe up with three or four fingers on your trackpad (depending on your settings).
  • Press F3 key (if available) or Control + Up Arrow on your keyboard.

Method 2:

  • Click on the Mission Control icon in the Dock (if available).

Once you are in Mission Control, you can navigate between windows by clicking on them, or you can swipe left or right with three fingers on your trackpad. To exit Mission Control, either click outside the windows or press the Escape key.

App Exposé

App Exposé helps you focus on a specific app by displaying all its windows in an organized manner. It’s particularly useful when you have multiple windows open within the same app and need to quickly switch between them.

To activate App Exposé for an app:

Method 1:

  • Click and hold the app’s icon in the Dock.
  • Select “Show All Windows” from the pop-up menu.

Method 2:

  • Press and hold the F10 key (if available) or Control + Down Arrow.

Once App Exposé is activated, you can click on any window to bring it to the front. You can also use your arrow keys to navigate between windows. To exit App Exposé, either click outside the windows or press the Escape key.

Siri and Spotlight Search

Siri and Spotlight Search are two powerful tools that can help you multitask efficiently on your Mac.

To activate Siri, either click on the Siri icon in the Dock or use the keyboard shortcut Command + Spacebar. You can ask Siri to perform various tasks, such as opening apps, sending messages, setting reminders, and more. Siri can also provide information and answer questions, saving you time and effort.

Spotlight Search is a versatile tool for finding files, launching apps, searching the web, and performing calculations. To access Spotlight Search, use the keyboard shortcut Command + Spacebar, or click on the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Simply type what you’re looking for, and Spotlight will display relevant results instantly.


Mastering multitasking on your Mac can significantly boost your productivity. Whether it’s using Split View to work with two apps side by side, navigating through windows with Mission Control and App Exposé, or utilizing Siri and Spotlight Search for quick access to information and tasks – these techniques will help you make the most of your Mac’s capabilities.

Remember to practice these techniques regularly to become proficient in multitasking. With time and experience, you’ll find yourself seamlessly juggling multiple tasks on your Mac like a pro!

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