How to Merge Two Photos on iPhone

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Are you wondering how to merge two photos on your iPhone? Look no further!

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of merging two photos on your iPhone. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Install a Photo Editing App

To merge two photos on your iPhone, you will need a photo editing app that supports this feature. There are several great options available on the App Store, such as Adobe Photoshop Express, PicsArt, and Snapseed. Choose the app that suits your needs and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open the Photo Editing App

Once you have installed a photo editing app, open it on your iPhone. You will be greeted with a home screen or gallery view displaying all the photos available on your device.

Step 3: Select the First Photo

In order to merge two photos, you need to select the first photo that you want to use as a base. Tap on the photo to open it in the editing interface.

Step 4: Add the Second Photo

Now, it’s time to add the second photo that you want to merge with the first one. Look for an option like “Add” or “Import” within the editing interface and tap on it. This will allow you to select another photo from your device’s gallery.


  • Select Photos with Similar Lighting: To ensure a seamless merge, choose photos that have similar lighting conditions.
  • Select Photos with Similar Resolutions: Merging photos with different resolutions can result in distortion or loss of quality.
  • Crop or Resize if Needed: Use built-in editing tools to crop or resize the photos before merging for a better fit.

Step 5: Adjust the Position and Size

Most photo editing apps will allow you to adjust the position and size of the second photo. This is crucial for achieving a natural and cohesive merge. Look for options like “Move,” “Resize,” or “Transform” within the editing interface and use them to align and resize the second photo as desired.

Step 6: Blend the Photos

Now comes the fun part! Look for options like “Blend,” “Merge,” or “Opacity” within the editing interface.

Adjusting these settings will determine how transparent or opaque the second photo appears on top of the first one. Experiment with different blending modes until you achieve your desired result.


  • Use Different Blending Modes: Different blending modes can create various effects, such as overlay, multiply, or screen.
  • Adjust Opacity: Lowering the opacity of the second photo can create a more subtle merge.
  • Erase Unwanted Portions: Some apps may offer an eraser tool to remove unwanted portions of the second photo.

Step 7: Save and Share

Once you are satisfied with your merged photo, save it to your device’s gallery. Look for options like “Save,” “Export,” or “Share” within the editing interface. You can then choose to share your masterpiece on social media platforms, send it via messaging apps, or simply keep it for personal use.

Congratulations! You have successfully merged two photos on your iPhone using a photo editing app.

Feel free to explore different apps and techniques to unleash your creativity. Happy merging!

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