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Making a Website an App on iPhone

Do you want to turn your favorite websites into handy apps on your iPhone? With just a few simple steps, you can easily create shortcuts to your favorite websites and enjoy the convenience of accessing them with a single tap. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of making a website an app on your iPhone.

Step 1: Launch Safari

First, open the Safari browser on your iPhone. Safari is the default browser on iOS devices and can be easily recognized by its compass icon.

Step 2: Visit the Website

Next, navigate to the website that you want to turn into an app. Type the website’s URL into the address bar at the top of Safari and press Enter. Make sure that you are on the desired page of the website that you want to turn into an app.

Step 3: Create a Shortcut

Now, tap on the Share button at the bottom center of Safari’s interface. The Share button is represented by a square with an upward arrow.

Note: If you are using an older version of iOS, you might find this button at the bottom of the screen instead.

Once you tap on the Share button, a menu will appear at the bottom of your screen. Scroll through this menu until you find “Add to Home Screen” and tap on it.

Step 4: Customize Your Shortcut

A new screen will open where you can customize your shortcut before adding it to your home screen. You can change its name or keep it as it is. This name will be displayed below its icon once added to your home screen.

You can also choose which icon image will represent this shortcut by tapping on “Choose Photo” or “Choose File”. This allows you to use an image from your photo library or files app as the icon image.

Once you are satisfied with the name and icon image, tap on “Add” at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 5: Access Your Website App

You have successfully turned your website into an app! The shortcut will now appear on your iPhone’s home screen, just like any other app. You can move it around, rearrange it, or even place it in a folder to keep your home screen organized.

Simply tap on the shortcut icon to launch Safari directly to the website you created the shortcut for. You can now enjoy quick and easy access to your favorite websites without having to open Safari first.


  • If you no longer need a website app, simply press and hold its icon on your home screen until all apps start shaking. Then tap on the “x” button that appears on the top left corner of the app’s icon to delete it.
  • You can create multiple website apps by following these steps for different websites.
  • Website apps are designed to open in Safari. If you prefer using a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, keep in mind that these shortcuts will still open in Safari.

Now that you know how to make a website an app on your iPhone, you can easily organize and access your favorite websites with just a tap of an icon. Enjoy a more convenient browsing experience with personalized shortcuts right on your home screen!

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