How to Make Facebook Private on Android

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Are you concerned about your privacy on Facebook? Do you want to make sure that your personal information and posts are only visible to the people you trust?

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to make your Facebook account private on Android. By following these simple instructions, you can take control of your privacy settings and ensure that your personal information remains secure.

Step 1: Open the Facebook App

Start by opening the Facebook app on your Android device. If you haven’t already installed it, head to the Google Play Store and download it from there. Once installed, launch the app from your app drawer or home screen.

Step 2: Access Account Settings

In the top-right corner of the Facebook app, you’ll find three horizontal lines representing a menu. Tap on these lines to open a drop-down menu.

Scroll down and find “Settings & Privacy.” Tap on it to expand a new set of options.

Substep 2.1: Select Privacy Settings

In the expanded options, locate and tap on “Privacy Shortcuts.” This will take you to a new screen where you can adjust various privacy settings related to your Facebook account.

Step 3: Adjust Your Privacy Settings

On the “Privacy Shortcuts” page, tap on “Privacy Checkup.” This feature will help you review and adjust who can see your posts and personal information.

Substep 3.1: Review Your Posts’ Audience

The first section in Privacy Checkup is for reviewing who can see your future posts. Tap on “Review who can see future posts” and make sure it’s set to “Friends” or a more restricted option if desired.2: Review Your Personal Information

Next, you’ll find a section for reviewing the privacy of your personal information. Tap on “Review your personal information” to check what information is visible to others. You can customize the audience for each piece of personal information.3: Review Your App Privacy

The third section in Privacy Checkup deals with app privacy. Tap on “Review your app privacy” and you’ll see a list of apps connected to your Facebook account. Review the permissions granted to each app and remove any that you no longer use or trust.

Step 4: Manage Timeline and Tagging

Return to the main “Privacy Shortcuts” page and tap on “Timeline and Tagging.” Here, you can control who can post on your timeline, review posts you’re tagged in before they appear, and more.

Step 5: Customize Your Privacy Settings Further

If you want to fine-tune your privacy settings even more, go back to the main “Settings & Privacy” page (accessed from the menu) and tap on “Settings.” Here, you’ll find additional options like blocking users, managing notifications, and controlling data usage.

In Conclusion

By following these steps, you can make your Facebook account private on Android. Take control of your privacy settings and ensure that only trusted individuals can access your personal information and posts. Remember to review these settings periodically to stay up-to-date with Facebook’s features and changes in privacy policies.

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