How to Make an Image Smaller on Mac

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Are you looking to resize an image on your Mac? Whether you want to reduce the file size for faster uploading or optimize it for a specific purpose, there are various ways to make an image smaller on your Mac. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process step by step.

Using Preview

If you’re not familiar with Preview, it’s a built-in app on macOS that allows you to view and edit images. Here’s how you can use Preview to resize an image:

  1. Open the image in Preview
  2. Launch the Preview app by searching for it in Spotlight or navigating to Applications > Preview in Finder. Once opened, go to File > Open and select the image file you want to resize.

  3. Access the Tools menu
  4. In the top menu bar, click on “Tools” and then select “Adjust Size” from the dropdown menu.

  5. Specify the new dimensions
  6. A window will appear with options to adjust the image size. You can choose between different units of measurement such as pixels, inches, or centimeters.

    To make the image smaller, enter new values in either the width or height field (or both). Make sure that the “Scale proportionally” option is checked so that your changes maintain the aspect ratio of the original image.

  7. Save your resized image
  8. Once you’re satisfied with the new dimensions, click on “OK.” To save your resized image, go to File > Save (or press Command + S). You can choose a new name and location for your resized image if desired.

Using a Third-Party App

If you prefer to use a dedicated app for image manipulation, there are several options available on the Mac App Store. One popular app is ImageOptim, which not only allows you to resize images but also compresses them for optimal file size without sacrificing quality.

Here’s how you can use ImageOptim:

  1. Download and install ImageOptim
  2. Head over to the Mac App Store and search for “ImageOptim.” Download and install the app on your Mac.

  3. Open ImageOptim
  4. Launch ImageOptim from your Applications folder or using Spotlight search.

  5. Add images to the app
  6. You can either drag and drop the images you want to resize onto the ImageOptim window or use the File > Add menu option to select them from your computer.

  7. Resize and optimize
  8. In ImageOptim, click on the “Resize” button at the top of the window. Specify the new dimensions for your images.

    You can choose to scale proportionally or set custom values for width and height. Additionally, you can adjust other settings like image quality and format if needed.

  9. Save your resized images
  10. Once you’ve configured all the desired settings, click on “Start” to resize and optimize your images. The modified versions will be saved in the same location as your original files with “_optimized” appended to their names.

Congratulations! You now have two methods to make an image smaller on your Mac.

Whether you choose to use Preview or a third-party app like ImageOptim, resizing images is a breeze. Remember to experiment with different dimensions and file formats to find the best balance between image quality and file size for your specific needs.

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