How to Make a Sticky Note on Mac

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Sticky notes are a great way to keep track of important information or reminders on your Mac. Whether it’s a to-do list, a phone number, or a quick note, sticky notes can be incredibly useful.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a sticky note on your Mac using the built-in Stickies app.

Step 1: Accessing the Stickies App

To begin, open the Stickies app on your Mac. You can do this by either searching for “Stickies” in Spotlight or by locating the app in your Applications folder.

Step 2: Creating a New Sticky Note

Once you have opened the Stickies app, you can create a new sticky note by clicking on “File” in the menu bar and selecting “New Note”. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Command + N to create a new note instantly.


  • You can resize your sticky notes by clicking and dragging any of its edges.
  • To change the color of a sticky note, go to “Note” in the menu bar and select a color from the options available.
  • If you want to format text within your sticky note, simply highlight the text and use the toolbar at the top of the window. You can make text bold, underline, or even change its font size and style.

Step 3: Adding Content to Your Sticky Note

Now that you have created a new sticky note, it’s time to add some content. Simply click anywhere inside the note and start typing.

You can add as much text as you want, and the note will expand to fit your content.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Command + B: Make selected text bold.
  • Command + U: Underline selected text.
  • Command + I: Italicize selected text.

Step 4: Customizing Your Sticky Note

The Stickies app offers several customization options to make your sticky notes visually appealing. To access these options, go to “View” in the menu bar and select “Customize Note”.

Here, you can change the font, color, and other settings for your sticky note.

Step 5: Saving and Closing Your Sticky Note

Once you have finished adding content and customizing your sticky note, it’s important to save your changes. The Stickies app automatically saves your notes as you type, so there is no need to manually save them.

To close a sticky note, simply click on the red close button in the top left corner of the window. Don’t worry about losing any information because Stickies will remember all of your notes when you reopen the app.


  • If you accidentally close a sticky note and want to reopen it, go to “Window” in the menu bar and select “Show All Notes”. This will display all of your previously created notes.
  • To delete a sticky note, select it and press the Delete key on your keyboard or right-click on it and choose “Delete Note”. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Command + Delete to delete a note instantly.
  • If you want to organize your sticky notes, you can move them around on your screen by clicking and dragging their title bars.

That’s it! You now know how to make a sticky note on your Mac using the Stickies app.

Take advantage of this handy tool to keep track of important information, reminders, and more.

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