How to Make 3 Way Call on Android

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Making a 3-way call on an Android device can be incredibly useful when you need to have a conversation with multiple people at the same time. Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, this feature allows you to connect with two other individuals simultaneously. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of making a 3-way call on your Android device step by step.

Step 1: Initiate the First Call

To begin, open your Phone app and dial the number of the first person you want to include in the call. You can either manually enter the number or select it from your contacts list.

Once you have entered the number, tap on the green call button to initiate the first call. Wait for the person to answer.

Step 2: Add a Second Person to the Call

After connecting with the first person, locate and tap on the “Add Call” button. This button is usually represented by a plus sign (+) or an icon that resembles two people.

You will now be taken back to your contacts list or dial pad. Enter the number of the second person you want to include in the call and tap on their contact name or phone number when it appears.

Wait for this person to answer their phone.

Step 3: Merge Calls

Once both calls are connected, look for an option labeled “Merge” or “Merge Calls” on your screen. It is typically displayed as two arrows forming a triangle pointing towards each other.

Tap on this option, and all three parties will be connected into one single conversation.

Additional Tips:

  • If one of the participants disconnects during the 3-way call, you can still continue speaking with the remaining participant.
  • If you want to speak privately with one participant while the other is on hold, use the “Swap” button (usually represented by two arrows forming a circle).
  • If you want to end the entire 3-way call, simply tap on the “End Call” button.


Making a 3-way call on your Android device is a convenient way to connect with multiple people simultaneously. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can easily initiate and merge calls, allowing for seamless communication between all parties involved. Remember to use this feature responsibly and ensure that all participants are aware of being included in a group conversation.

Remember, practice makes perfect! So don’t hesitate to try making a 3-way call on your Android device today.

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