How to Love a Text Message on Android

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How to Love a Text Message on Android

Text messages have become an essential way of communication in our daily lives. Whether it’s exchanging important information or sharing heartfelt messages, we often come across text messages that we want to cherish and keep close to our hearts. In this tutorial, we will explore how to express your love for a text message on an Android device using simple steps.

Step 1: Open the Messaging App

To begin, unlock your Android device and locate the messaging app on your home screen or app drawer. Tap on the messaging app icon to launch it.

Step 2: Select the Desired Conversation

Once you have opened the messaging app, navigate to the conversation that contains the text message you want to love. You can scroll through your conversations or use the search bar at the top of the screen to find a specific contact or conversation.

Pro Tip:

If you have numerous conversations and struggle to find a specific one, you can use bold text formatting in this article. Simply press and hold on a conversation in the messaging app’s main screen, and select “Mark as Important” from the options that appear.

Step 3: Locate the Text Message

Once you have selected the desired conversation, scroll through it until you find the text message that deserves your love. It could be a sweet compliment, an inspiring quote, or an adorable picture shared by a loved one.

Pro Tip:

To quickly locate a particular text message within a conversation, use underlined text. In most messaging apps on Android devices, there is typically a search function available within each conversation. Tap on it and enter keywords related to the text message you are looking for.

Step 4: Long Press the Text Message

To express your love for a text message, simply long press on it. Hold your finger down on the message until a menu appears with various options.

Pro Tip:

If you want to show extra appreciation for the text message, you can use bold text and underlined text together. This combination will make your love for the message even more apparent.

Step 5: Love and Save

In the menu that appears after long pressing the text message, you will find several options. Look for an option that represents love or favoriting, such as a heart icon or a star symbol. Tap on it to express your affection and save the cherished text message.

Pro Tip:

Some messaging apps also offer additional features, like customizing the color or appearance of loved messages. Explore these options in your messaging app’s settings to further personalize your experience.


You have successfully learned how to love a text message on an Android device. By following these simple steps and utilizing pro tips, you can express your appreciation for special messages and keep them close at hand.

  • Remeber to regularly back up your messages to avoid losing any cherished conversations.
  • Use this feature wisely and respectfully, as expressing love for every single text message may lose its significance.
  • If you ever change devices or reset your Android device, make sure to back up your messages so that you don’t lose any precious memories.

Remember, small gestures like loving a text message can strengthen connections and make someone’s day. So go ahead, spread the love, and cherish those meaningful words!

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