How to Look Up Wifi Password on iPhone

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Looking up your WiFi password on your iPhone can be quite useful, especially if you have forgotten it or need to share it with someone else. Fortunately, iOS provides a simple way to retrieve this information. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Accessing the Settings
To start, unlock your iPhone and open the Settings app. You can easily spot its icon on your home screen – it looks like a gear.

Step 2: Finding the Wi-Fi Settings
Once you are in the Settings app, scroll down until you see the option labeled “Wi-Fi.” It is usually located near the top of the list.

Step 3: Connecting to a Network
If you are not already connected to a Wi-Fi network, tap on the toggle switch next to “Wi-Fi” to turn it on. Your iPhone will automatically scan for available networks and display them under the Wi-Fi section.

Note: You need to be connected to a network in order to access its password.

Step 4: Viewing Network Details
Now that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, tap on its name (also known as SSID). This will take you to a new screen with more information about the selected network.

Step 5: Retrieving Your Password
On this new screen, you will find various details related to your Wi-Fi network. Look for an option called “Password” or “Security Key.” This is where your iPhone stores the password for that particular network.

  • If you see an option labeled “Password,” simply tap on it and your iPhone will reveal the hidden characters.
  • If there is no “Password” field but instead an option called “Security Key,” tap on it and your iPhone will display the password in a new field.

Step 6: Copying the Password (Optional)
If you need to share the Wi-Fi password with someone else or want to keep it for future reference, you can copy it by tapping and holding on the password field. A menu will appear, giving you the option to copy the password to your clipboard.


Looking up your Wi-Fi password on an iPhone is a simple process that can come in handy in various situations. By following these steps, you can quickly retrieve and even copy your Wi-Fi password with ease. Remember to always keep your passwords secure and avoid sharing them with unauthorized individuals.

Now that you know how to look up your Wi-Fi password on an iPhone, you can easily connect to new devices or help others connect without any hassle.

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