How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger on Android

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Are you looking to log out of Facebook Messenger on your Android device? Sometimes, you may need to switch accounts or simply take a break from using the app.

Whatever your reason may be, logging out is quite simple and only takes a few steps. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of logging out of Facebook Messenger on your Android device.

Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger

To begin, locate the Facebook Messenger app icon on your Android device’s home screen or app drawer. Tap on it to launch the app.

Step 2: Access Account Settings

Once you are inside the Facebook Messenger app, tap on your profile picture located in the top left corner of the screen. This will open the Account Settings menu.

Step 3: Navigate to Security and Privacy

In the Account Settings menu, scroll down until you find “Security and Privacy.” Tap on it to access further options.

Step 4: Find Active Sessions

In the Security and Privacy menu, locate and tap on “Active Sessions.” This will show you all active sessions that are currently logged into Facebook Messenger from various devices.


If you are using an older version of Facebook Messenger, you might find this option under “Where You’re Logged In.”

Step 5: End Current Session(s)

In the Active Sessions menu, you will see a list of all devices and locations where your account is currently logged in. To log out of a specific session, tap on the three-dot icon next to it and select “Log Out” from the dropdown menu.

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Step 6: Confirm Log Out

After tapping “Log Out,” you will be prompted with a confirmation dialog. To confirm logging out of the selected session, tap “Log Out” again.

Step 7: Repeat if Necessary

If you have multiple active sessions listed, repeat steps 5 and 6 for each session you want to log out of. This ensures that you are fully logged out from all devices.

Congratulations! You have successfully logged out of Facebook Messenger on your Android device.

Remember, logging out is essential if you want to switch accounts or maintain privacy and security. Now you can take a break from the app or sign in with a different account whenever needed.


In this tutorial, we learned how to log out of Facebook Messenger on an Android device. We covered the following steps:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger
  2. Access Account Settings
  3. Navigate to Security and Privacy
  4. Find Active Sessions
    • Note: Older versions may have this option as “Where You’re Logged In”
  5. End Current Session(s)
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  6. Confirm Log Out
  7. Repeat if Necessary

Now you can confidently log out of Facebook Messenger on your Android device whenever you want. Enjoy your time away from the app!

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