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Google Image Search is a powerful tool that allows you to find and discover images on the web. With the rise of mobile devices, it has become increasingly important to know how to use Google Image Search on Android. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to perform a Google Image Search on your Android device.

Step 1: Open the Google App

To get started, open the Google app on your Android device. The Google app icon usually looks like a colorful ‘G’ against a white background.

Step 2: Tap on the Search Bar

Once you have opened the Google app, tap on the search bar at the top of the screen. The search bar is where you can enter your search queries.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Images’

After tapping on the search bar, you will see several options such as ‘All’, ‘News’, ‘Images’, etc. Tap on ‘Images’ to perform an image-specific search.

Step 4: Enter Your Search Query

Now that you are in the image search mode, enter your desired search query into the search bar. For example, if you are looking for pictures of cats, type in ‘cats’ and hit enter or tap on the search button.

Tips for better search results:

  • Use specific keywords: Be as specific as possible with your search terms. Instead of searching for ‘animals’, try searching for ‘cute baby animals’ or ‘wild animals in Africa’ for more Targeted results.
  • Use quotes: If you are looking for an exact match or phrase, enclose your search query within quotes.

    For example, “black and white photography”.

  • Utilize advanced search: To further refine your search, tap on the settings icon located at the top right corner of the screen. Here, you can filter results by size, color, type, and more.

Step 5: Browse and Explore Images

Once you have entered your search query, Google will display a grid of image results. Scroll through the images to find the one that catches your interest.

Viewing larger images:

If you want to view a larger version of an image, simply tap on it. This will open the image in a full-screen mode where you can zoom in or out for a closer look.

Related searches:

Beneath each image result, you will find related search terms. These can be helpful if you want to explore similar images or refine your search further.

Step 6: Save or Share Images

If you come across an image that you would like to save or share, simply tap on it and hold. A menu will appear with options to save the image to your device or share it via various platforms such as social media, email, etc.


Google Image Search on Android is a convenient way to find and discover images on the web. By following these simple steps, you can easily perform an image-specific search and explore a vast collection of pictures right from your Android device.

Note: Keep in mind that while using Google Image Search is free, some images may be subject to copyright restrictions. Always respect the intellectual property rights of others when using images found through Google Image Search.

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