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Are you tired of accidentally closing apps or losing your place while browsing on your iPhone? Don’t worry, there’s a simple solution – learning how to go back on your iPhone.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through different methods to go back and navigate with ease. Let’s get started!

Using the Back Button

If you’re using an iPhone with a Home button, going back is as easy as pressing the back button. The back button is located at the top left corner of most apps and has a left-facing arrow icon. Simply tap on it to go back to the previous screen.

Note: Some apps may not have a visible back button, but you can usually find it in the top left corner by swiping from the left edge of the screen.

Using Gestures

If you’re using an iPhone without a Home button (like the iPhone X or newer models), Apple introduced gestures to navigate instead. Here’s how you can go back using gestures:

  • Swipe from Left Edge: Starting from the left edge of the screen, swipe rightwards towards the center to go back to the previous screen.
  • Swipe Up and Hold: Swipe up from the bottom edge of your screen and hold for a moment until you see all your recently used apps. Then swipe rightwards to switch between them or swipe leftwards to go back.


  • The Edge Swipe Gesture: Make sure to start your swipe from outside of any app content area, preferably from where there’s no text or clickable elements.
  • The “Reachability” Feature: Double-tap (don’t press) the Home button or swipe down on the bottom edge of the screen to bring the top half of the screen closer to your thumb, making it easier to reach.

Using Safari Navigation

If you’re using Safari to browse the web, there are additional navigation options at your disposal:

  • The Back/Forward Buttons: These buttons are located at the bottom of your Safari browser. The left-facing arrow button is used to go back, while the right-facing arrow button is used to go forward.
  • The Swipe Gesture: Swipe from left to right anywhere on your Safari browser to go back. Similarly, you can swipe from right to left to go forward.


Now that you know different methods to go back on your iPhone, navigating through apps and browsers will be a breeze. Whether you prefer using buttons or gestures, you have a variety of options at your fingertips. So go ahead and explore your iPhone without any fear of getting lost!

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