How to Get Downloads Back on Dock Mac

Alicia Santos

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Are you struggling to find your downloads folder on the Dock of your Mac? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to get your downloads back on the Dock, so you can easily access your files. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Open Finder Preferences

If your downloads folder has mysteriously disappeared from the Dock, the first thing you need to do is open Finder Preferences. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Finder icon located at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • In the menu bar, click on “Finder” and select “Preferences”.

Step 2: Go to Sidebar

Once you have opened Finder Preferences, a new window will appear with multiple tabs. Click on the “Sidebar” tab located at the top of this window.

Step 3: Check Downloads Folder

In the Sidebar tab, you will see a list of checkboxes representing different folders and locations. Scroll down until you find a checkbox labeled “Downloads“. Make sure this checkbox is checked.


If the checkbox for Downloads is already checked and you still can’t see it on your Dock, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Add Downloads Folder to Dock

If your Downloads folder is not appearing on the Dock even after enabling it in Sidebar preferences, follow these steps:

  • Open a new Finder window.
  • In the menu bar, click on “Go” and select “Downloads”. This will open your Downloads folder.
  • Click and hold the Downloads folder icon in the Finder window.
  • Drag the Downloads folder icon to the Dock, placing it wherever you prefer.

Step 5: Test Your Downloads Folder

You have successfully added your Downloads folder back to the Dock! To check if it’s working, simply click on the newly added Downloads folder icon on your Dock. The folder should open, displaying all your downloaded files.

Congratulations! You have now regained easy access to your downloads by adding the Downloads folder back to your Mac’s Dock.

Remember, you can customize the position of the folder on your Dock by dragging it left or right. Enjoy organizing and accessing your files effortlessly!

We hope this tutorial has been helpful in resolving your issue. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy downloading!

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