How to Forward Calls on Android

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Are you tired of missing important phone calls because you can’t always have your Android device within reach? Well, worry no more!

Android has a handy feature that allows you to forward calls to another number. Whether you’re busy with work, driving, or simply want to redirect calls to a different device, this tutorial will guide you through the process step by step. Let’s get started!

Enabling Call Forwarding on Android

To begin, open the Phone app on your Android device. Look for the icon that resembles a green phone receiver and tap on it.

Once the Phone app is open, locate and tap on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear.

In the dropdown menu, select ‘Settings’. This will take you to the Phone settings screen.

On the Phone settings screen, scroll down until you find ‘Call forwarding’ or ‘Call settings’. The exact location may vary depending on your device and Android version.

Configuring Call Forwarding Options

Tapping on ‘Call forwarding’ or ‘Call settings’ will take you to a new screen that allows you to customize call forwarding options. You’ll typically see several options like:

  • Always forward: This option forwards all incoming calls to another number. It’s useful if you want all calls to be redirected regardless of whether your phone is busy or unanswered.
  • Forward when busy: This option forwards calls when your phone line is busy with another call.
  • Forward when unanswered: This option forwards calls when your phone isn’t answered after a certain number of rings.
  • Forward when unreachable: This option forwards calls when your phone is turned off or out of network coverage.

Choose the option that suits your needs and tap on it. Then, enter the number to which you want calls to be forwarded.

After entering the forwarding number, tap on the ‘Enable’ or ‘Turn on’ button to activate call forwarding.

Disabling Call Forwarding on Android

If you no longer need call forwarding, it’s easy to disable it. Simply follow these steps:

Open the Phone app on your Android device and tap on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.

Select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu that appears.

Find and tap on ‘Call forwarding’ or ‘Call settings’.

You’ll see a list of enabled call forwarding options. Tap on each option and select ‘Disable’ or ‘Turn off’. Alternatively, you may find an overall call forwarding toggle switch that you can turn off.


Some carriers may charge additional fees for using call forwarding services. It’s advisable to check with your carrier about any potential charges before enabling call forwarding.


Now that you know how to forward calls on Android, you can redirect incoming calls to another number at your convenience. Whether you’re in a meeting or away from your phone, this feature ensures that you don’t miss any important calls.

Remember to disable call forwarding when you no longer need it to avoid unnecessary redirections. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience that call forwarding brings to your Android device!

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