How to Fix Screen Burn on Android Phone

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Screen burn is a common issue that can occur on Android phones, causing certain elements or images to be permanently imprinted on the screen. This can be frustrating and annoying, but fear not! In this article, we will guide you through the steps to fix screen burn on your Android phone.

Step 1: Prevent Further Burn-In

To prevent further burn-in on your Android phone’s screen, follow these steps:

  • Reduce Screen Brightness: Lowering the screen brightness can help minimize the chances of burn-in.
  • Shorten Screen Timeout: Set a shorter screen timeout so that the display turns off when not in use.
  • Avoid Static Images: Try to avoid displaying static images for extended periods. If possible, use live wallpapers or dynamic screensavers.

Step 2: Using Burn-In Fixer Apps

If you notice screen burn-in on your Android phone, there are several apps available that can help fix it:

  1. Burn-In Fixer: This app displays a series of color patterns that help restore uniformity to the affected areas of the screen.
  2. Pixel Refresher: Some phone models have built-in pixel refresher tools that automatically run algorithms to reduce burn-in effects.

Step 3: Display Rotation

If you have noticed persistent burn-in on specific areas of your Android phone’s screen, one option is to rotate your device’s display. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to Settings: Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  • Select Display: Scroll down and select the “Display” option.
  • Enable Auto-Rotate: Toggle on the “Auto-rotate screen” option to allow your phone’s display to rotate when you rotate the device.

Step 4: Screen Saver

Another method to fix screen burn is by using a screen saver. Follow these steps to set up a screen saver on your Android phone:

  • Navigate to Settings: Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  • Select Screen Saver: Tap on “Screen Saver” and choose a suitable screen saver option from the available list.

In conclusion, screen burn can be an annoying problem on Android phones, but there are ways to fix it. By following these steps, you can prevent further burn-in, use burn-in fixer apps, rotate your display, or set up a screen saver. Remember to take precautions to avoid future occurrences of screen burn by adjusting brightness levels and avoiding static images.

Take care of your phone’s display and enjoy a burn-in-free experience!

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