How to Fix Blurry Pictures Sent From iPhone to Android

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Are you frustrated with blurry pictures that you receive from your friends’ iPhones on your Android device? It can be quite disappointing to receive low-quality images when you were expecting crisp and clear photos.

But fret not! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods to fix blurry pictures sent from an iPhone to an Android device.

Check the Image Resolution

If the blurry pictures are consistently coming from a specific sender, it’s worth checking the image resolution. Sometimes, iPhone users may unknowingly send images in a lower resolution, resulting in blurriness on Android devices. You can ask the sender to check their camera settings and ensure they are capturing photos in high resolution.

Use a Third-Party File Transfer App

If the problem persists, it might be due to compression during file transfer. By default, iPhone users send pictures using iMessage or iCloud, which may compress the images before sending them. These compression algorithms are optimized for Apple devices but may not work as effectively on Android.

To overcome this issue, you can suggest using third-party file transfer apps like Google Drive or Dropbox. These platforms allow users to share files without any compression and maintain the original image quality. Simply guide your iPhone-using friend through installing one of these apps and sharing the photos with you.

Use Email as an Alternative

If both parties have email accounts, another option is to use email as a medium for transferring photos. Unlike instant messaging services, emails do not compress images by default. By attaching the picture to an email and sending it directly to your Android device, you can ensure that no quality loss occurs during transmission.

Try Using WhatsApp

If you have WhatsApp installed on both devices, it can serve as a reliable platform for sharing images without compromising their quality. WhatsApp applies minimal compression to images while maintaining a reasonable file size. This makes it a popular choice for sharing photos among Android and iPhone users.

Consider Using Google Photos

Google Photos is another excellent option for transferring pictures between different platforms. It allows users to back up their images in high resolution and share them with others without compression. Both iPhone and Android users can install the Google Photos app and use it as a centralized platform for sharing images with maximum quality.


Don’t let blurry pictures dampen your excitement when receiving photos from iPhone users on your Android device. By following the methods mentioned above, you can ensure that you receive clear and vibrant images every time. Whether it’s checking the image resolution, using third-party file transfer apps, leveraging email or WhatsApp, or relying on Google Photos, there are various options available to fix this issue.

Remember, communication is key! Encourage your friends to be mindful of image resolution settings and try alternative methods of file transfer if needed. Now you can enjoy sharing memories with your iPhone-using friends without compromising on image quality!

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