How to Find My Passwords on My Android Phone

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In this article, we will explore how to find your passwords on your Android phone. Whether you have forgotten a specific password or simply want to view all the passwords saved on your device, Android provides a convenient way to access this information. Let’s dive in!

Method 1: Using Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome as your default browser on your Android phone, you can easily find your saved passwords through the following steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome: Locate and tap the Google Chrome app icon on your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Access Settings: Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of the browser interface and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Manage Passwords: In the Settings menu, scroll down and tap on “Passwords. “
  4. View Saved Passwords: You will see a list of websites with their corresponding usernames.

    Tap on any entry to view its password. If prompted, authenticate using your device’s security method (PIN, pattern, fingerprint, etc. ).

This method allows you to easily access and manage your passwords directly within Google Chrome.

Method 2: Using Android System Settings

If you prefer accessing passwords through system settings rather than a specific browser, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings: Locate and tap the “Settings” app icon either on your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Select “Passwords”: Scroll down and select “Passwords” (or a similar option depending on your device).
  3. Login Credentials List: You will now see a list of websites and apps with saved login credentials. Tap on any entry to view its details.

This method works across different browsers and apps, making it a universal way to access your passwords.

Method 3: Using Third-Party Password Managers

If you use a third-party password manager app, such as LastPass or Dashlane, you can find your passwords through their dedicated applications. These apps offer additional features like password generation and synchronization across devices. Simply locate the app on your Android phone, open it, and follow the provided instructions to access your saved passwords.


With the methods outlined above, finding your passwords on your Android phone becomes a hassle-free process. Whether you choose to use Google Chrome’s built-in password manager or rely on system settings, make sure to prioritize the security of your device by using strong passwords and enabling additional security features like two-factor authentication whenever possible.

Remember to always keep your passwords secure and never share them with anyone. Happy browsing!

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