How to Factory Reset Mac Book Air

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Are you looking to factory reset your Mac Book Air? Whether you are planning to sell your device or experiencing performance issues, a factory reset can help restore your Mac Book Air to its original settings. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to perform a factory reset on your Mac Book Air.

Before You Begin:

Before proceeding with a factory reset, it’s essential to back up all your important data. This process will erase all the files and settings on your Mac Book Air, so make sure you have a backup of everything you need.

Step 1: Shut Down Your Mac

The first step in performing a factory reset is to shut down your Mac Book Air. To do this, click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen and select “Shut Down” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Start Your Mac in Recovery Mode

To access the recovery mode, press and hold down the Command and R keys simultaneously while turning on your Mac Book Air. Keep holding the keys until you see the Apple logo or a spinning globe.


If your Mac Book Air has a firmware password enabled, you will need to enter it before proceeding with recovery mode.

Step 3: Erase Your Hard Drive

In recovery mode, select “Disk Utility” from the macOS Utilities window and click on “Continue. “

In Disk Utility, locate and select your Mac’s internal storage device (usually named “Macintosh HD” or similar) from the sidebar.

  • Note: If you have multiple partitions on your hard drive, make sure to erase each partition separately.

Click on the “Erase” button in the toolbar at the top of the Disk Utility window.

A pop-up window will appear.

In the pop-up window, provide a name for your hard drive (you can use the default name) and select the file format as “APFS” or “Mac OS Extended (Journaled).” Click on “Erase” to begin erasing your hard drive.

Step 4: Reinstall macOS

After erasing your hard drive, close Disk Utility to return to the macOS Utilities window. Now, click on “Reinstall macOS” and then click “Continue.

Follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall macOS on your Mac Book Air. This process may take some time, so be patient and ensure that you have a stable internet connection.


If prompted, select your Mac’s startup disk (the one you just erased) as the destination for installing macOS.

Step 5: Set Up Your Mac

Once macOS is reinstalled, your Mac Book Air will restart. Follow the initial setup prompts to create a new user account and customize your settings as desired.


You have successfully performed a factory reset on your Mac Book Air. Your device is now restored to its original settings.


  • If you encounter any issues during the factory reset process or need further assistance, visit Apple Support or consult their official documentation.
  • If you are unable to access recovery mode or encounter errors during installation, it may indicate a hardware problem. Contact Apple’s support team or visit an authorized service center for assistance.

Remember to restore your backed-up data and reinstall any necessary applications to complete the setup of your Mac Book Air.

Keep in mind that a factory reset should be performed with caution, as it permanently erases all data on your device. Make sure you have backed up everything you need before proceeding.

Now that you know how to factory reset your Mac Book Air, you can confidently restore your device to its original state whenever necessary.

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