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Are you a Mac user looking to master your keyboard shortcuts? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps of using the F4 function key on your Mac. Whether you want to quickly switch between open applications or access the Launchpad, F4 can be a handy shortcut to have in your repertoire. Let’s dive in and learn how to use F4 on Mac.

Step 1: Understanding the F4 Key

The F4 key is located at the top of your keyboard, typically in a row labeled “F1”, “F2”, and so on. On most Mac keyboards, it is marked with a small square icon that resembles a grid of dots or windows. This key serves various functions depending on how it is used.

Step 2: Using F4 to Access Launchpad

If you want to quickly access the Launchpad, simply press the F4 key. The Launchpad provides a convenient way to view and open all your applications at once, similar to how you would navigate through app icons on an iPhone or iPad.


  • Press the F4 key

Step 3: Using F4 with Other Keys for Application Switching

In addition to accessing the Launchpad, you can use the F4 key in combination with other keys to switch between open applications.


  • Press and hold the Command (⌘) key
  • While holding Command, press the F4 key
  • Release both keys

This shortcut allows you to cycle through your open applications, making it easy to switch from one to another without using your mouse or trackpad.

Step 4: Additional Tips and Tricks

Here are a few additional tips and tricks related to using the F4 key on your Mac:

  • You can customize keyboard shortcuts in the System Preferences. If you prefer a different key combination for accessing the Launchpad or switching between applications, you can modify it to suit your preferences.
  • If you have multiple desktops set up on your Mac, pressing the Command (⌘) + F4 keys will move you between the desktops.
  • If your Mac has an external keyboard without an F4 key, you can often simulate its function by pressing the “fn” (function) key along with one of the other function keys, such as F3 or F5.

Congratulations! You now know how to use the F4 key on your Mac.

Whether you need quick access to the Launchpad or want a faster way to switch between open applications, this handy keyboard shortcut will help streamline your workflow. Start incorporating it into your daily routine and enjoy increased productivity with just a press of a button!

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