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Are you a Mac user who is struggling with unresponsive applications? Ending a task on Mac can be a useful skill to have in such situations. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to end a task on Mac using different methods.

Using the Force Quit Applications Window

If an application becomes unresponsive on your Mac, you can use the Force Quit Applications window to close it. Here’s how:

  1. Option 1:
    • Click on the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen.
    • Select “Force Quit..” from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut Command + Option + Esc.
    • A window will appear showing all currently running applications.
    • Select the unresponsive application from the list.
    • Click on the “Force Quit” button.
    • The application will be forcefully closed, and any unsaved work may be lost. Make sure to save your progress before using this method.
  2. Option 2:
    • You can also access the Force Quit Applications window by right-clicking (or Control + click) on the application icon in your Dock.
    • A context menu will appear with various options. Select “Force Quit” from the list.

    Using Activity Monitor

    If you prefer a more advanced method to end tasks on Mac, you can use the Activity Monitor utility. Follow these steps:

    1. Open Activity Monitor:
      • Go to the “Applications” folder in Finder.
      • Open the “Utilities” folder.
      • Double-click on “Activity Monitor” to launch it.
    2. Identify the Unresponsive Task:
      • In Activity Monitor, you’ll see a list of all active processes on your Mac.
      • You can use the search bar in the top-right corner to find a specific task or sort the list by different criteria.
      • Identify the unresponsive task that you want to end.
    3. End the Task:
      • Select the unresponsive task from the list.
      • Click on the “X” button at the top-left corner of Activity Monitor (or press Command + Q).
      • A confirmation dialog will appear. Click on “Force Quit” to end the task.

      Using Terminal

      If you’re comfortable with using Terminal, you can force quit applications with a simple command. Follow these steps:

      1. Open Terminal:
          Go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal, or use Spotlight Search (Command + Space) and type “Terminal”.
          A terminal window will open, ready for your command.

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