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Do you want to learn how to edit images on your Mac? Look no further!

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to edit images using built-in tools on your Mac. Whether you are a professional photographer or just someone who loves taking pictures, being able to edit images is an essential skill. So, let’s get started!

Opening the Image in Preview

The first step in editing an image on your Mac is to open it in the Preview app. Preview is a powerful and versatile application that comes pre-installed on every Mac.

  • To open an image in Preview:

1. Locate the image file on your Mac.


Right-click on the image file and select ‘Open With’ from the context menu.

3. Click on ‘Preview’ from the list of available applications.

Cropping and Resizing Images

If you want to remove unwanted parts of an image or change its dimensions, cropping and resizing are essential editing techniques.

  • To crop an image:

1. Open the image in Preview (as explained earlier). Click on the ‘Show Markup Toolbar’ button located at the top right corner of the window (it looks like a toolbox). From the toolbar, click on the ‘Selection’ tool (it looks like a dotted rectangle).


Click and drag over the part of the image you want to keep. A rectangle will appear around your selection.

5. Go to ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and select ‘Crop’ or press Command + K.

  • To resize an image:

1. Open the image in Preview. Go to ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and select ‘Adjust Size’ or press Command + Option + I.

In the dialog box, enter the desired width and height for your image. Make sure the ‘Scale proportionally’ checkbox is checked to maintain the aspect ratio of your image. Click on the ‘OK’ button to apply the changes.

Adjusting Colors and Contrast

If your image looks too dull or lacks vibrancy, you can use Preview’s built-in tools to adjust colors and contrast.

  • To adjust colors:


Go to ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and select ‘Adjust Color’ or press Command + Option + C. From here, you can play around with various sliders to enhance brightness, saturation, contrast, and more. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, click on ‘OK’ to apply them.

  • To adjust contrast:

1. Go to ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and select ‘Adjust Color’ (Command + Option + C).

Click on the ‘Auto Levels’ button to automatically adjust contrast based on your image’s histogram analysis. Alternatively, you can manually tweak contrast using the sliders. Click on ‘OK’ to save the changes.

Adding Text and Annotations

If you want to add text or annotations to your image, Preview makes it easy!

  • To add text:

1. Go to ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and select ‘Annotate’ (Command + Option + A).

Click on the ‘Text’ button from the toolbar (it looks like a capital ‘T’). Click anywhere on the image, and a text box will appear. Enter your desired text and adjust font, size, color, etc., using the options available in the toolbar.

  • To add annotations:


Go to ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and select ‘Annotate’ (Command + Option + A). From the toolbar, choose between shapes like rectangles, circles, arrows, etc. Click and drag on the image to create your desired shape or annotation.

Saving Your Edited Image

Once you are done editing your image, it’s time to save it!

  • To save your edited image:

1. With your edited image open in Preview, go to ‘File’ in the menu bar.

Select ‘Save’ or press Command + S. Choose the desired location to save your image. Select the file format (e.g., JPEG, PNG, TIFF) and click on ‘Save’.

Congratulations! You have successfully edited an image on your Mac using Preview.

With these basic editing techniques, you can now enhance your photos and give them a professional touch. Keep experimenting and exploring more advanced editing tools to take your skills to the next level!

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