How to Edit a PDF Document on a Mac

Alicia Santos

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Are you a Mac user who needs to edit a PDF document? Look no further!

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to edit a PDF document on your Mac. Whether you need to make minor changes or completely revamp the content, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Open the PDF in Preview

To begin, locate the PDF file on your Mac and double-click to open it in Preview. Preview is the default PDF viewer on macOS and offers basic editing capabilities.

Step 2: Enable Editing Mode

Once the document is open, navigate to the top toolbar and click on “View”. From the dropdown menu, select “Show Markup Toolbar” or simply press ⌘ + Shift + A. This will enable the editing mode in Preview.

Step 3: Add Text

Now that you’re in editing mode, click on the “T” icon in the Markup Toolbar. Position your cursor where you want to add text and start typing. You can customize font size, color, and style using options available in the Markup Toolbar.


If you need to add text within an existing block of text, simply drag your cursor over that section. A text box will appear allowing you to make changes without affecting the rest of the content.

Step 4: Highlight and Underline Text

To highlight text, select it using your cursor. Then, click on the highlighter icon (looks like a marker pen) in the Markup Toolbar. You can choose different colors for highlighting by clicking on “Markup Color” next to the highlighter icon.

To underline text, select it using your cursor. Then, click on the “A” icon with an underline in the Markup Toolbar. The text will now be underlined, making it stand out.

Step 5: Add Shapes and Annotations

If you need to add shapes or annotations, such as arrows, rectangles, or speech bubbles, click on the “Shapes” icon in the Markup Toolbar. Choose the desired shape or annotation and position it on the document by clicking and dragging.

Step 6: Edit Images

To edit images within a PDF, simply click on the image you want to modify. Handles will appear around the image, indicating that it is selected. You can then resize, rotate, or delete the image using these handles.

Step 7: Save Your Changes

Once you have finished editing, go to “File” in the top toolbar and click on “Save” or press ⌘ + S to save your changes. Preview will overwrite the original PDF file with your edited version.


If you want to keep a copy of the original file intact, use “Save As” instead of “Save”. This will create a new PDF file with your edits while preserving the original document.


Congratulations! You now know how to edit a PDF document on your Mac using Preview. Remember that while Preview offers basic editing capabilities, more advanced edits may require specialized software like Adobe Acrobat Pro.

In this tutorial, we covered how to enable editing mode in Preview, add text and annotations, highlight and underline text, edit images within a PDF document, and save your changes. Now you can confidently make necessary modifications to any PDF file on your Mac!

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