How to Do Three Way Call on Android

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Are you looking to learn how to do a three-way call on your Android device? Look no further!

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to make a three-way call using your Android smartphone. Whether you want to have a conference call with friends or need to connect with multiple people for work, this feature can come in handy. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Dial the First Person

To initiate a three-way call, start by dialing the number of the first person you want to include in the conversation. You can do this by opening your Phone app and entering their number manually or selecting it from your contacts list.

Step 2: Establish the First Call

Once you have dialed the number and connected with the first person, it’s time to establish the first call. Talk to them briefly and let them know that you will be adding another person to the conversation.


Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that your Android device supports three-way calling. This feature is commonly available on most modern smartphones but may vary depending on your device and carrier.

Step 3: Add the Second Person

To add a second person to the call, look for an icon or option labeled “Add Call” or “Merge Call” on your phone screen. It is usually represented by two arrows pointing towards each other or two overlapping rectangles.

Note: The exact location of this option may vary depending on your phone model and software version. If you are unable to locate it, refer to your device’s user manual or contact customer support for assistance.

Step 4: Dial or Select Second Person’s Number

After selecting the “Add Call” or “Merge Call” option, you will be prompted to enter the number of the second person. You can either type their number manually or select it from your contacts list, just like you did for the first person.

Step 5: Establish the Second Call

Once you have dialed the number and connected with the second person, you will have two individual calls running simultaneously. At this point, you are in a two-way conference call.

Step 6: Merge Calls

To merge both calls into a three-way call, look for an option labeled “Merge Calls,” usually located on your phone screen. It might be represented by an icon with three arrows or rectangles merging together.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Three-Way Call

Congratulations! You have successfully set up a three-way call on your Android device. Now you can enjoy a conversation with both participants simultaneously.


If any of the participants hang up during the call, you will still remain connected to the other person. If needed, you can add more participants by following steps 3 to 6 again.


  • If your Android device does not support three-way calling or if you encounter any issues during the process, contact your mobile carrier for assistance.
  • Make sure to inform all participants before adding them to a conference call. Respect their privacy and consent.
  • If you are using a prepaid plan or have limited minutes, be mindful of additional charges that may apply when making conference calls.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful in guiding you through the process of making a three-way call on your Android device. Enjoy seamless communication with multiple participants and make the most out of your smartphone!

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