How to Delete Photos From iPhone but Not Icloud

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Today, we will learn how to delete photos from your iPhone without deleting them from iCloud. This can be a useful technique if you want to free up some space on your iPhone but still have access to your photos through iCloud. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Open the Photos app

To begin, locate and open the Photos app on your iPhone. The icon resembles a multicolored flower, and you can usually find it on your home screen.

Step 2: Select the photos you want to delete

Once you have opened the Photos app, navigate to the “Photos” tab at the bottom of the screen. Here, you will see all of your photos organized by date.

You can scroll through or use the search bar at the top to locate specific photos.

If you want to delete multiple photos at once, tap on the “Select” option in the top right corner of the screen. Then, tap on each photo you want to delete. Selected photos will be highlighted with a blue checkmark.


If you only want to delete a single photo, simply tap on it and skip Step 3.

Step 3: Move selected photos to an album

To prevent these selected photos from being deleted from iCloud when we remove them from our iPhone, we need to move them into a separate album.

  1. Tap on the “Add To” icon in the bottom left corner of your screen (it looks like a square with an arrow pointing up).
  2. A menu will appear with various options for organizing your photos. Tap on “Add to Album”.
  3. If you already have an existing album that you want to use, select it from the list. If not, tap on “New Album” to create a new one.
  4. Give your album a name and tap on “Save”.
  5. The selected photos will now be moved to the chosen album.

Step 4: Delete the photos from your iPhone

Now that we have moved the selected photos to a separate album, we can safely delete them from our iPhone without affecting their presence in iCloud.

  1. Tap on the “Select” option again in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. This time, instead of selecting the photos you want to delete, tap on “Select All” at the top left corner of your screen. This will select all photos in your current view.
  3. Once all the photos are selected, tap on the trash can icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  4. A confirmation message will appear asking if you want to delete these photos. Tap on “Delete X Photos” (X represents the number of selected photos).


If you prefer to keep a backup of these deleted photos for some time before they are permanently removed, make sure you have enabled iCloud Photos Library and have enough storage available in iCloud. This way, they will be stored in iCloud for up to 30 days before being deleted permanently.

Congratulations! You have successfully deleted photos from your iPhone without deleting them from iCloud. Now you can enjoy more storage space on your device while still having access to all your cherished memories through iCloud.

We hope this tutorial was helpful for you! Feel free to explore our other articles for more useful tips and tricks for managing your iPhone and iCloud.

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