How to Delete Files on Android

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Are you running out of storage space on your Android device? Deleting unnecessary files can help free up some valuable real estate.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of deleting files on Android. Let’s get started!

Using the File Manager

If you want to delete files on your Android device, the built-in File Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to navigate through your storage and manage your files efficiently.

Step 1: Open the File Manager

To begin, locate and open the File Manager app on your Android device. The app icon usually resembles a folder and can be found in your app drawer or home screen.

Step 2: Navigate to the Files

Browse through the different folders in order to locate the specific files you wish to delete. You can tap on folders to enter them and view their contents.

Step 3: Select and Delete

Once you have found the file(s) you want to delete, long-press on them. This action will trigger a selection mode, and checkboxes should appear next to each file.

If you want to select multiple files at once, simply tap on each checkbox next to the desired file(s). Alternatively, if you want to select all files within a folder, look for a “Select All” option usually located in the options menu (indicated by three dots or lines).

After selecting the desired file(s), look for the “Delete” option usually represented by a trash bin icon. Tap on it, and confirm your decision when prompted. The selected file(s) will now be deleted from your Android device.

Deleting Downloaded Files

In addition to using the File Manager, you can also delete files that you have downloaded directly from the internet or received as email attachments. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Downloads App

Locate and open the Downloads app on your Android device. This app is commonly found in your app drawer or home screen and displays a downward arrow icon.

Step 2: Browse and Select Files

In the Downloads app, you will find a list of all files that you have downloaded. Scroll through the list to locate the file(s) you wish to delete.

To select multiple files at once, long-press on one file to trigger the selection mode. Then, tap on each additional file to select them simultaneously.

Step 3: Delete the Files

Once you have selected the desired file(s), look for a “Delete” option usually represented by a trash bin icon.


Congratulations! You now know how to delete files on your Android device using both the File Manager and Downloads app. By regularly decluttering your storage space, you can ensure that your device runs smoothly and efficiently.

Note: Be cautious when deleting files, as some may be important for system functionality or linked to specific apps. Always double-check before deleting any files if you are unsure of their purpose.

Remember, keeping your Android device organized not only improves its performance but also provides you with more space for new apps, photos, and videos!

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