How to Delete Epic Games Launcher on Mac

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Welcome to this tutorial on how to delete Epic Games Launcher on Mac. If you’re looking to remove the Epic Games Launcher from your Mac device, this step-by-step guide will help you through the process.

Before You Begin

Before proceeding with the deletion, make sure to:

  • Close Epic Games Launcher: Ensure that the Epic Games Launcher is not running in the background. To close it, right-click on its icon in the Dock and select “Quit”.
  • Backup Game Data: If you have any game data or saved files that you want to keep, make sure to back them up before deleting the launcher.

Uninstalling Epic Games Launcher

To uninstall Epic Games Launcher from your Mac:

  1. Navigate to Applications Folder: Open a Finder window and click on “Applications” in the sidebar.
  2. Locate Epic Games Launcher: Scroll through the list of applications until you find “Epic Games Launcher”.
  3. Delete Epic Games Launcher: Right-click on “Epic Games Launcher” and select “Move to Trash”. Alternatively, you can drag and drop it into the Trash icon in your Dock.
  4. Empty Trash: To completely remove Epic Games Launcher and its associated files, right-click on the Trash icon in your Dock and select “Empty Trash”. Confirm when prompted.

Cleaning Up Remaining Files (Optional)

If you want to ensure a thorough removal of all related files, follow these additional steps:

  1. Open Finder: Click on the Finder icon in the Dock to open a new window.
  2. Go to Library Folder: In the menu bar, click on “Go” and hold down the “Option” key. While holding down the key, click on “Library”.
  3. Navigate to Application Support: Within the Library folder, locate and open the “Application Support” folder.
  4. Delete Epic Games Folder: Look for a folder named “Epic Games” and move it to Trash.
  5. Empty Trash: Right-click on the Trash icon in your Dock and select “Empty Trash”.


Congratulations! You have successfully deleted Epic Games Launcher from your Mac.

By following these steps, you have removed both the application itself and any associated files. Remember to always backup your game data before uninstalling any software. If you ever decide to reinstall Epic Games Launcher, simply download it from their official website and follow the installation instructions.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful!

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