How to Copy a DVD on a Mac

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Copying a DVD on a Mac can be a useful skill to have, whether you want to create backups of your favorite movies or share content with friends and family. In this tutorial, we will explore how to copy a DVD on a Mac using the built-in Disk Utility application.

Step 1: Insert the DVD
To begin, insert the DVD you wish to copy into your Mac’s DVD drive. Wait for your computer to recognize the disc and mount it.

Step 2: Launch Disk Utility
Next, open Disk Utility by navigating to “Applications” > “Utilities” and then double-clicking on “Disk Utility”. Alternatively, you can use Spotlight by pressing Command + Space and typing “Disk Utility”.

Step 3: Select the DVD
In the Disk Utility window, locate and select the DVD you want to copy from the list of devices and volumes on the left-hand side. Be sure to select the actual DVD device rather than any associated volume.

Step 4: Choose ‘New Image’
Once you have selected the DVD, click on the “File” menu at the top of your screen and choose “New Image” > “Image from “. This action will create a disk image file (.dmg) that contains all of the data from your original DVD.

Step 5: Choose Save Location and Name

A new window will appear prompting you to choose where you want to save the disk image file. Select an appropriate location on your Mac’s hard drive and provide a recognizable name for your copied DVD.

Step 6: Select Image Format

In this step, select an appropriate image format for your copied DVD. The default format is typically “read-only” (compressed), which means you can only read the contents of the DVD image. However, if you want to make changes to the copied DVD in the future, you can choose “read/write” (DVD/CD Master) format.

Step 7: Click ‘Save’

After selecting the desired image format, click on the “Save” button. Disk Utility will then begin creating a disk image file by copying all the data from your original DVD to the specified location on your Mac’s hard drive.

Step 8: Wait for the Copying Process

The copying process may take some time depending on the size of your DVD and the speed of your Mac. You can monitor the progress in Disk Utility’s status bar.

Step 9: Eject Original DVD
Once Disk Utility has successfully created a copy of your DVD, eject the original DVD by right-clicking on its icon in Finder or dragging it to the Trash while holding down Command key.

Step 10: Access Your Copied DVD
Congratulations! You have successfully copied your DVD on a Mac.

To access your copied DVD, simply double-click on the disk image file (.dmg) you created earlier. It will appear as a mounted volume on your desktop, allowing you to browse and use its contents as if it were an actual physical disc.

  • To burn this disk image onto a blank DVD, simply insert a writable blank DVD into your Mac’s DVD drive and drag-and-drop the files from within the mounted volume to a new Finder window representing your blank disc.
  • If you wish to delete or modify any files within this copied DVD, right-click (or Control + click) on its icon in Finder and choose “Get Info”. In the Info window, uncheck the “Locked” checkbox to enable editing.

Copying a DVD on a Mac is that easy! With the help of Disk Utility, you can create backups or duplicate DVDs effortlessly.

Remember, it’s always important to respect copyright laws and only copy DVDs that you have the right to duplicate. Now go ahead and enjoy your favorite movies or share content with your loved ones with ease!

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